Гоген Солнцев увез пожилую супругу в свадебное путешествие The entertainer shared a photo taken during honeymoon with 63-year-old wife Catherine. The lovebirds met four years ago. In early April, Gauguin and his fiancee got married at the Palace of marriage number 4.
Гоген Солнцев увез пожилую супругу в свадебное путешествие

Gauguin Solntsev and his fiancee Catherine Tereshkovich signed in the Palace of marriage number 4 April 12. 63-year-old woman and scandalous showman celebrated the wedding at the site of the project “Dom-2”. After a large-scale festivities, the newlyweds departed for a honeymoon in a warm country. What is not yet reported. Gauguin shared a rare shot of 63-year-old wife in the Network.

“A brilliant weekend you the tape. I never cease to be amazed how a vacation affects a person. Correctly says Katyusha: “stay With me rather than without me!” – wrote the sun on the personal page in Instagram.

Netizens reacted ambiguously to photos and honeymoon couples in General. “Well done! Wish you happiness and health”, “Where’s the rest?”, “Beautiful Wallpapers beautiful people”, “Lucky”, “Good job Katya! Beauty!”, “Why do your women I count more than five fingers,” written by the followers of Gauguin

We will remind, for the wedding of Catherine handed him the keys to the apartment in the capital. As told by the friend of lovers, it was her wedding gift to her husband. After registration young went to celebrate a landmark event on the site of the controversial telestroke.

Gauguin Solntsev and Catherine Tereshkovich met four years ago. The woman, a philologist by training, has long dreamed of playing in the theater. In her confession, she dreamed of meeting a showman. Mom Gauguin Solntsev tries to dissuade his older bride from the wedding

Around their Union, even after the wedding, there are a lot of conversations. Many believe that the showman decided to marry Catherine because of the sizeable dowry. The Tereshkovich supposedly there is a country cottage with expensive furniture and an AU pair, a prestige car with driver, a few Bank accounts. Gauguin himself has repeatedly admitted that really liked the elderly woman. About the intimate life with her Solntsev without hesitation told the fans and reporters. Gauguin Solntsev told about the intimate life with an older lover