Gauguin Solntsev accused’s mother in the beating and attempted murder

Гоген Солнцев обвинил мать в побоях и попытке убийства Showman said that a relative repeatedly raised his hand. Gauguin Solntsev does not want to pay Lyudmila Nikolaevna alimony, as it hurt her. Experts transfer “actually” find out who is lying.
Гоген Солнцев обвинил мать в побоях и попытке убийства

Family conflict showman Gauguin Solntsev with the birth mother Lyudmila Ivanovna lasts for several years. A woman complains about a son that he refuses to help her financially. In turn, the star of a talk show, accuses a relative in the more serious cases. According to him, the mother wanted to kill him as a child and not engaged in his education.

One family came to the Studio of the program “actually” with Dmitry Shepelev, once and for all to settle the disputed issues. Experts transfer found out that Lyudmila Ivanovna left Gauguin at the age of 10 years the boy was raised by the sister of his father.

“When we lived with his father, we are involved in raising Elijah. Why I left home, his father cheated on me. I understand that a change, but I still had another child I don’t forget I called. One time he approached, then stopped,” met Ludmila in the Studio.
Гоген Солнцев обвинил мать в побоях и попытке убийства

Solntsev said the experts, shows that the mother beat him, starved and locked in closet. In the end, they left him and went out to the old family, where she grew another son. Despite the betrayal of his mother, Gauguin felt affection for the woman and waited for a call from her.

“Naverno, any child who lives in terrible conditions, is to love his mother,” admitted guy.
Гоген Солнцев обвинил мать в побоях и попытке убийства

Lyudmila also explained why she divorced her first husband. According to her, the husband suffered from alcoholism. Then she met the father of Gauguin, and went to him, leaving the first son. The woman complained that living in unsuitable conditions in the barracks of the suburbs and wealthy showman refuses to help mother. Lyudmila moved infract and stroke, just before she took a sedative.

Showman accused mother that she regularly beat him and even once tried to strangle. Experts asked Gauguin if he was trying to kill Lyudmila Nikolaevna. He replied in the negative, but it was a lie. After the verdict, expert Solntsev left the Studio, but the editors gave it back.

“They were so faint and dizzy when I was out. One day I woke up to the fact that she was standing with a pillow over me,” he shared Gauguin with guests and experts talk shows.

Гоген Солнцев обвинил мать в побоях и попытке убийства

The most important question you wanted to ask Gauguin mother whether she wanted to kill him. The woman answered in the negative, and it turned out to be true. At the end of the programme, the broadcaster admitted that it was a very heavy air and friends should talk to each other after the transfer.