Gate — double savings!

Одни ворота — двойная экономия!

As double-save on the purchase of the entrance gates? First, note the new prices at the gate series ADS400 from ALUTECH: in the event, they reduced by 30%*.

Second, explore options for filling the canvas ADS400 and pick up like this, with which the gate fits perfectly into the family budget and the overall design of the house or garden.

Due to the unique design of the gates ADS400 it is possible to install them in the frame, sandwich panels, roller shutter profile, steel sheet, wooden Board, about 20 of fabric material and the gate. All elements of the fasteners of the frame and the filling are placed inside the profile, allowing the collected gates differ aesthetically pleasing and solid look.

ADS400 is the epitome of best design and decorative solutions. Optimal geometry and high strength of aluminium profiles and components ensure the reliability of the gate. Big operational resource, is designed for at least 25,000 cycles of “opening-closing”, ensures that the gate of the series efficiently work for at least 15 years.

To protect the gate ADS400 against corrosion allows high-quality conductive polymer coating. To ensure quiet and smooth movement is provided with support rollers from high-quality plastics and nylon rail.

Action on ADS400 will last until may 20. Hurry up to buy gates ALUTECH at amazingly attractive prices, and be impressed by their quality, ease of use and stylish design.

*set the recommended size of the discount; detailed information about discounts and conditions of the promotion are available on request from representatives of the Group companies in its region.

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