Garkalin about the deceased wife: “I’m still in touch with Kate”

Гаркалин об ушедшей супруге: «Я до сих пор общаюсь с Катей»
The actor gave a Frank interview to Boris Korchevnikov.

Valery Garkalin with his wife Catherine. 2006

Photo: Mark Steinbock

Valery Garkalin gave a Frank interview in the Studio
program Boris Korchevnikov “the Destiny of man”. The actor tries to avoid
publicity but for the sake of conversation with the famous TV presenter made an exception. Artist
said, he could not say goodbye to his beloved wife Catherine, who departed this
life eight years ago. With Catherine Garkalin has lived for 32 years.

Valery still doesn’t consider himself a widower, talking about
beloved wife, calls himself “husband of Katie”. “They say time heals. I can tell you,
that’s not true. I can’t forget, can’t forget her eyes — Valeriy
during the broadcast. Sometimes I mentally asked: “Kate, where did you put this or
that thing?” It’s been 8 years and I still communicate with her and cannot live without it
to navigate the house.” Disease wife (Catherine are unable to win
cancer) Garkalin suspected immediately. For six months prior to departure
Katie, the actor began to notice that his wife lost a lot of weight. But Catherine until the last
concealed the disease, and all the questions of her husband when he was worried about her health,
turned into a joke.

“Life consists not only of the joys. I blame myself for that
he couldn’t save her. She died of cancer, and some forms of cancer can
to heal. Unfortunately, nobody could help, including me. I knew
Kate is sick, but not thought so serious, moreover, at the time I had
two heart attacks and clinical death all the time Kate was with me and wanted to save
my life. I learned about what actually happens with it when it is already
was in intensive care,” recalls Garkalin.