Garik Martirosyan wife prepares to race “Formula 1” in Sochi

Гарик Мартиросян готовит супругу к гонке «Формула-1» в Сочи Resident of Comedy Club teaches the darling to the speed. Garik Martirosyan and his wife are training on the slopes of the resort area of Sochi, to feel the spirit of racing “Formula-1” which will be held in Russia this weekend.

      Гарик Мартиросян готовит супругу к гонке «Формула-1» в Сочи

      This weekend the Russian fans of Formula 1″ with a special interest will cling to screens of TVs. After all, another stage race will be held in the Russian city of Sochi. The most active fans of the spectacular sport have already bought tickets to the podium. Among them, undoubtedly, will be Garik Martirosyan. At the same time in the main resort of the country will pass annual festival “Comedy Club in the days of Formula 1.

      Garik has already arrived in the Olympic city with his beloved wife Jeanne. He decided to thoroughly prepare the spouse for the upcoming event. At the behest of her husband the girl was dressed in a suit of real racers and “straddled” the iron horse with a roaring engine. The results of the efforts of Jeanne shared on his page in Instagram. The wife of comedian invited all to join in the fun.

      Гарик Мартиросян готовит супругу к гонке «Формула-1» в Сочи

      Was not behind the couple and myself Garik. He showed her a master class in Sochi trails on a luxury car. Martirosyan drove his missus round the back with the breeze. It should be noted that Jeanne really liked road trip.

      At the festival the comedian will make the company the rest of the residents of Comedy Club in the person of Pavel Volya, Garik Kharlamov, Timur Batrutdinova, the Alexander Revva, Michael Galustjan, Alexander Nezlobin and other stars.

      By the way, Jeanne is always accompanied by Garik on tour. The woman admitted that for her beloved she even had to sacrifice their careers. “Got a job in one firm, a few months resigned. Do not have time: the house to clean, need to wash, lunch to cook. The most insulting – we have schedules did not coincide. I have a work office, from 09:00 to 18:00. And Garik creative person, owl – jokes-writes in the evening and night until the next morning, then sleeping a bit and going to the office. His time is not always enough. With such a load we had almost ceased to see each other. Garik and once very calmly but firmly said, “Jeanne, you have to choose. Or are you working, or are we building a family. Think well,” the wife told Martirosyan.

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