Garik Martirosyan, Mikhail Galustyan and their friends — about how to be a real man

Гарик Мартиросян, Михаил Галустян и их друзья — о том, каким должен быть настоящий мужчина
Participants and viewers of the Comedy “Hani-Mani” thinking about your most important qualities.

Гарик Мартиросян, Михаил Галустян и их друзья — о том, каким должен быть настоящий мужчина

Mikhail Galustyan

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Rolling out a bright, colorful Comedy “Hani-Mani”,
filmed Russian and Armenian Directors. Its main
hero pet of fate Vilaine far from perfect, but these men
qualities I’ll give him that. To tell about the actions of real men in the Comedy genre — without edification and teachings of the task is very difficult. However, the plan failed. After first viewing the artists and their friends has shared that, in their opinion, distinguishes the real men in relation to women.

Michael Galustjan: “I’m not a tyrant in the family, and just the
who sets the vector”

Mikhail Galustyan believes that a real man is since the marriage. It
is making his first deliberate and serious step. That’s when he starts to do things with full responsibility for the family. And after the birth of his child man
masculinity is reinforced. While Michael brand admits that in his house he is not home,
and wife.Victoria knows exactly where everything is as it should be, and what should not. That is
internal policy on it. Galustyan is responsible for “foreign policy and public relations”. He dictates to his wife how to dress for
a way to communicate with people.

Гарик Мартиросян, Михаил Галустян и их друзья — о том, каким должен быть настоящий мужчина

Garik Martirosyan

Photo: Mikhail Klyuyev

Garik Martirosyan: “women need to speak, carefully choosing words”

Garik Martirosyan is convinced that the man with the man can talk, and argue in blunt terms. But with
a woman real man supposed to talk, carefully choosing
the words and expressions. Martirosyan believes that what distinguishes a real man
respectful attitude to women. In the family of every Armenian mother has a special place. Respect for mother, grandmother, sister, wife being brought up in families with childhood. “It is very important and the distribution of roles in the family, — said the showman. — I, as they say, the breadwinner, and the wife maintains the house. For example, my male duty was to capitalize on the apartment. But to create in it a cosiness — the case of Jeanne”. The education of children in the family Garik do both. Dad and dictates the main principles. Once Garik had offered his daughter Jasmine to participate in the show “the Voice. Children”: “my wife and I wanted her to understand that the work in the frame or on the stage — it is very hard work for the sake of the minutes appears on the screen it is necessary to make huge efforts. To joke, to sing, to dance is not easy — that’s what we wanted to communicate”.

Hayk Sargsyan, the leading man in the Comedy “Hani-Mani”: “to Be a man learn all my life!”

“For me, real man is the man who does not change
its values, — said Hayk Sargsyan — singer starring in the film “honey-money” and Creator of the well-known beauty brand. — He is not afraid to take responsibility and
against all odds, to follow his love. Other qualities,
my view, are only derived from this “installation”. To be
men in the full sense of the word we are studying life, not relaxing and not
while continuing to work on yourself for a minute. It is necessary to serve
the army is a good school of life and future-proofing. And cry real
male, contrary to stereotypes, has a right, because he is also man.”

Aram Mnatsakanov, television presenter and restaurateur: “the chef is the job for
real men”

Hayk Sargsyan in the movie “Hani-Mani”

Photo: skc-agency

Aram Mnatsakanov sure that men do not cook better than women, it’s just terribly hard job: eight hours on my feet at the stove, plus trips to market when you need the most
to pull purchased at a restaurant. That is why it is normal that men
in her more. “But a real man, be he three times a chef will accept
the fact that most home cooks the woman, a homemaker. And she gives a very
delicious. So they say: my grandmother’s recipe, not my recipe
grandfather. A real man this fact should not touch”.

Tigran Keosayan, film Director: “the Last word is always with the man”

Film Director Tigran Keosayan said that is one of those men,
who will not accept even the hint that a woman may be more important. Although he admits that will whisper to her husband at bedtime the wife, stronger than all
reasonable and unreasonable conclusions and advice. It is the wives of the rich Arsenal of tools to ensure that everyone in the family to make good, comfortable, conflict-free. And the first thing to make a real, strong man to ensure that his woman
it was good and she could properly raise children.
According to Tigran, the husband is not
the blocking, but a controlling stake, which means that the last word always

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