Garik Martirosyan became a puppeteer

Гарик Мартиросян стал кукловодом
Star Comedy Club forced the actors to look into the future.

Гарик Мартиросян стал кукловодом

Pavel Volya and Garik Martirosyan

Photo: TNT

In the new edition of the show “Improvisation” the role of the puppeteer will try
on himself “king of all Comedy” Garik Martirosyan, so students will have doubly
to try to please the big boss! To act in the manner of Mayakovsky or pass
drug test? Become the actor of theatre of the absurd or speak Czech? Or
to show that waiting for a Comedy Club in 20 years? This guys have not seen or not
did! Add the issue of the severity of fiery dance
Garik with headphones in my ears and improvisation “Tasers”, in which Sergei Matviyenko
and Anton Shastun will pour each other’s alcohol, and none of the drops
you will not get in mouth!

Garik Martirosyan

Photo: TNT

“In “Improvisation” incredibly talented actors who
can beat anything, even the most ridiculous — says
Garik. — I looked almost all the editions of the show, but improvisation “Detective”
I was literally baffled, I did not understand that from me want. Everything was
very interesting, funny. Despite the fact that the genre of improvisation in Comedy is considered one
of the most difficult. Great show!”