Garik Kharlamov was jealous of Kristina Asmus to the dancer

Гарик Харламов приревновал Кристину Асмус к танцору
In the next edition the Comedy Club, the actor detail will question his wife about what she was doing in his free education of my daughter.

Гарик Харламов приревновал Кристину Асмус к танцору

Kristina Asmus

Photo: TNT

Wife residents often visit their husbands in the workplace.
Practically no release of the Comedy misses the wife of Garik Martirosyan
Jeanne, often appears among the guests the wife of Demis Karipidis Pelagia, a couple of times
came the wife of the Pasha of Will Laysan utiasheva, and finally it came to
Christina Asmus. The actress spoke about
the latest news of his creative life. For example, the fact that she recently
starred in the new video of the band “Jukebox trio”, not one, and together with
Panatnikom. This mysterious word is very guarded leading Comedy Club, and
part-time husband of Christine, Garik Kharlamov. Not
being an ardent fan of “DANCING” on TNT, he had no idea what Panufnik,
assuming that it is an ancient pagan holiday. Came to the aid of the Will, which
explained that Panufnik – animate thing – namely, the winner of the show
“DANCING. Battle of the seasons”.

Garik Kharlamov and Will Paul

Photo: TNT

In the next issue of Comedy
Club visit to the resident representatives will come a children’s football club
“Futebol”, whose task is to prepare the team to win the world championship
2038. By the way, this team already are the children of some residents of Comedy,
for example, the son Garik Martirosyan Daniel.