Garik Kharlamov told about his biggest pride

Гарик Харламов рассказал о своей самой большой гордости

Resident of Comedy Club Garik “Bulldog” Kharlamov told in candid interviews about their plans for 2017 and about their biggest pride.
In December last year, the comedian starred in the five-hundredth anniversary (!) the well-known TV project, has completed shooting a new season of Comedy show “HB” in which he starred with his longtime friend and colleague Timur by Batrutdinova, and also working on a new full-length feature film. This revelation Garik over, the actor admits that he needs to save and a little intrigue.

Garik I agree with the idea that every artist is his own audience, and not so upset if someone doesn’t have to taste his jokes.
“I believe that the artist should not think about how he justified the expectations of fans or not. At least for me it doesn’t matter. Bother on the fact that someone doesn’t like something, it is pointless, we’re doing humor. And what is humor? This is very individual. A joke for someone can be funny, but for someone stupid. The same joke in different cities “comes” in different ways. Somewhere is a delight, and somewhere – by. Focus on this not worth it. Someone who likes to watch, stays with you and who does not like to watch will not be immediately switched to Instagram Buzova, for example,” says Garik.
The actor admits that as a child dreamed of becoming a clown or a policeman. Thanks to my grandmother, who “fought” over him, he finished music school in piano class. But with the sport Kharlamov did not happen, although during his childhood and youth he had visited many sections of combat martial arts to swimming.
“I never intended to make big money on the humor, I just enjoy it, and I think this was the secret of success. Many people do not have this ability, they work where they don’t like it, many hate my job. Of course, I was very lucky that there is such a format as the Comedy Club.
Personally, I thought it was all over in two years, after a maximum of three, and it’s been about 15 years, and the Comedy Club is not going to take the position” says Kharlamov.
Despite the enormous success and fame. my greatest pride Garik says his daughter, he gave birth to actress Christine Asmus.
“More than anything in my life, I am proud of my daughter. This is the only thing that makes me unrealistic pride. The child is a new life, “says Kharlamov.