Garik Kharlamov has found a new job at Evgeny Petrosyan

Гарик Харламов нашел новую работу у Евгения Петросяна Discussing the anticipated departure of the showman of Comedy Club. According to rumors, the TV star argued with colleagues and decided to go to another channel. About this Internet users, said Garik Kharlamov.

The new television season prepared the audience a lot of surprises. Not yet subsided discussion around the fact that Andrey Malakhov moved to the “Russia 1”, and the new host of “Let them talk” was Dmitry Borisov. In addition, the transfer of Timur Kizâkova now coming to the second button, titled “When all the houses”, with a leading “Wait for me” Alexander by Galibina did not renew the contract, and on REN TV shut down “the dinner Party”.

The program “Wait for me” can go with the First channel

Resident of Comedy Club Garik Kharlamov was also the center of attention of the public. As it became known to Internet users on Match TV released a news release which announced the transfer of a showman. The programme presenter said that the TV star, said goodbye to Garik Martirosyan and goes to Yevgeny Petrosyan.

“Today we talk not about football transfers, but the transfers in the world of humor. Garik Kharlamov may prematurely terminate the contract with the Comedy Club due to disagreements with the club management and become a free agent. Possible new job Kharlamov is increasingly called the “Distorting mirror”. For humorist sponsors of the program, Suzdal oligarchy willing to pay a record $ 222 euros. Moreover, Garik himself more than once expressed sympathy for this organization,” – said on the sports channel.

Resident of the popular TV show praised the efforts of journalists and shared the video in one of the social networks. “The scandals, intrigues, investigations!” – told Garik, adding that the show’s new season the Comedy Club starts on September 15.

Of course, fans of Garik Kharlamov immediately realized that in fact of no transition and not talking. “Fire”, “Ernul”, “Regina Harlamova”, “Record amount of transition”, “room to grow”, “Funny”, “funny”, “I Will follow developments”, “In the next issue: Garik Kharlamov left Christina Asmus Elena Sparrow, judging by the number of likes in Instagram, commented the Internet users.

Earlier in the “Evening Urgant” beat the subject of transfers on Russian TV. “Disturbing rumors the last three months were confirmed. Popular TV presenter Ivan Urgant decided not to go with the First channel. The decision of the showman was a complete surprise for both the management of the channel and the viewers. Ivan himself has not commented on its decision,” he reportedly said in the program “Time” before the premiere of the first of a transmission.