Garik Kharlamov fulfilled his dream

У Гарика Харламова исполнилась заветная мечта
Star Comedy Club told the hidden in the childhood desire.

Garik Kharlamov with his wife Christine and daughter Anastasia

Photo: @garikkharlamov Instagram Garik Kharlamov

Garik Kharlamov last summer had fulfilled his childhood dream. A showman, with his wife Christine Asmus and daughter visited Disneyland. It turned out that the actor arrived in the Park not for a three year old Anastasia, and to fulfill his cherished desire. Garik told that from a very young age dreamed of going there. Kharlamov dream was fulfilled when he was already 36 years old. However, this did not prevent him to get great pleasure from visiting Disneyland.

“In my childhood I was little. Now it is difficult to imagine, but I was a kid. In childhood. And then I had a dream. I really wanted to be at Disneyland. At least one hour or even 10 minutes. I was a normal Soviet boy, and from entertainment I have had only a stick, a knife and my mother’s soup. So Disneyland seemed like a magical world, where I must go. And now this dream came true. However I’m a big. But true! Cool. I really liked it. Although now everything has changed. Now much more valuable than a knife, my mother’s soup and the stick,” confessed Gary.

By the way, on the eve of Kharlamov and Asmus has denied the rumors about the problems in the family. Speculation that the couple are close to divorce, began to appear online after the publication of Christina candid photos and videos. But yesterday, the couple came together to celebrate the birthday of his grandfather Garik. Cristina and her husband did not hide his feelings in public. One of the passionate kissing couples were later published online.