Garik Kharlamov and Kristina Asmus: “we Have funding!”

Гарик Харламов и Кристина Асмус: «У нас пополнение!»
Star again hinted at the imminent “expansion” of the family.

Photo: Instagram

Rumors about the pregnancy of Christine Asmus occur so often that an actress wouldn’t get to give birth to one child after another. Fans are wondering why the celebrity couple still did not dare to have a second child, while their daughter Anastasia turned 4 years. The possibility that Christina has decided to focus on his career, no reason not to consider.

Meanwhile, the stars themselves constantly raise the interest in you of childbirth. For example, Christina, apparently, trying to laugh at you two hot topics — pregnancy and overweight husband — published in a personal blog a photo, which embraces Garik. But the Central figure in the picture is not not Asmus and Kharlamov, and his impressive belly.

“We have funding!” — Christina joked in the caption.

Subscribers actress immediately picked up the joke and remembered that the first man that is able to reproduce a child, will give the Nobel prize and will pay a million dollars. “For this you can try, Garik!” — began to encourage his followers.

By the way, not so long ago that Kharlamov gave the public suspicion about the pregnancy of his wife. In celebration of her 30th birthday yesterday in his speech, called his wife his “quarters”. Fans of the pair immediately drew attention to it. They decided that soon entering the family can have another (fourth) person. However, most likely, he meant that Christina is so tiny that can not be it “half”.