Игры с законом: звезды, за плечами которых криминальное прошлое Many well-known personalities at the time, tripped and got in trouble. Some of them have problems with the law regularly, and or imposing penalties or detention is not able to influence them.”StarHit” remember the consequences of mistakes of celebrities.

      Игры с законом: звезды, за плечами которых криминальное прошлое

      The stars, as ordinary people, make mistakes. Sometimes so tight that their actions are contrary to the law that woman is no joke – and on this account has in its Arsenal a lot of real criminal terms. And the cry of the soul gathered in the courtroom of sympathizing friends and relatives apply impartially and indifferently. The heroes of our collections is well known, what the real problems with the law. And no matter how much time has passed, get rid of the spots in the biography is almost impossible. “StarHit” remembered celebrities who made a serious mistake and paid a hefty price.



      Yuri Aizenshpis is one of the few producers who even during his life became a legend of Russian show-business. Nearly 18 years he spent in prison, believing that the penalty incurred is quite true. Criminal charges, which took place Aizenshpis was in Soviet times, almost to death. Speculation in especially large sizes and violation of currency transactions, the court has always given serious prison sentences.

      Игры с законом: звезды, за плечами которых криминальное прошлое“When Solzhenitsyn describes the nightmares of Soviet reality, I say: I lived it in those conditions in which I lived. He was serving a sentence among those convicted under articles mainly political. I sat among inveterate criminals: every day blood is shed every day lawlessness, chaos. But I did not touch. I am sociable person, can adapt to any conditions…” – recalled ayzenshpis in his book “Igniting stars. Notes of a pioneer in show business”.

      After the release of destiny again as if felt his strength. Yuri Aizenshpis was at a crossroads: without friends, without means of existence, all alone in his new world. Severe depression even led to his first heart attack. But love to be creative, extraordinary strength of will and desire to start over back the man to life.

      Domestic show-business has become for Yuri project, for which he did not spare their energy and talent. Professionals who have worked with him repeatedly noted that he had a brilliant flair for innovation, able almost nothing to create images of the future stars of the Russian platform. And I must admit, soon on a musical Olympus there were heroes who managed to become real legends. Viktor Tsoi, Vlad Stashevsky, Katya LEL – only a few, to whom he gave a start in life. To the last his projectDima Bilan – famous producer treated especially carefully, believing that he will be a real Russian star and achieve international recognition. And so it happened. However, to see him failed – producer passed away in September 2005.

      Valery Nikolaev

      Narrowly escaped prison after the scandal with the accident

      Игры с законом: звезды, за плечами которых криминальное прошлое

      Actor Valery Nikolaev the last time was, figuratively speaking, in a state of criminal insanity. And as he explained later, in all his actions related to gross violations of the law, you should look for a woman. Unique and beloved wife Anastasia Zemskova – aerial gymnast, a representative of the famous circus dynasty – the artist was only trying to return to the family. Family conflicts, stressful work schedule and stress, which months of Nikolaev couldn’t have affected his behavior. In February of this year his car in Central Moscow, he rammed several other cars, knocked down a woman, and later resisted the law enforcement officers. At the same time Nikolaev was in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

      Actor for a long time did not admit his guilt and every time I found a kind of excuse, more like fiction. They say, the police were rude and cruel, but the injured woman after the incident allegedly took place in the nearest cafe and drank coffee. Ultimately Nikolaev had to stay in jail for 15 days and later the court announced and the sentence itself. Valery Nikolaev was threatened with prison term till five years of imprisonment or a fine. Presnensky court ruled that the actor has to pay 150 thousand rubles.

      By the way, shortly before Nikolaev was first announced that is aware of the degree of their guilt and sincerely repented. The actor recorded a video message to fans, where he tried to explain what really happened to him during that period. Wife of Valery Nikolaev revealed the details of their breakup

      “I appeal to anyone who has followed the recent events in my life. I’m really sorry. For a long time I was in a state of deep stress, suffered from insomnia and nervous tension. In my mind, apparently, messed up the lives of the characters on the screen and real life. And with the role of a normal person I can’t handle. Now the experts help to give me back the psychological and moral health. I see and understand that was out of line, especially against police officers who acted within the law,” – said Valery.

      Anastasia Dashko

      Spent 1.5 years in prison

      Игры с законом: звезды, за плечами которых криминальное прошлое

      At the beginning of “star trek” its fate was more like a fairy tale, where everything is conceived as if by magic, suddenly started to come true. A simple girl from Salekhard Anastasia Dashko, who won a local beauty pageant, in the fall of 2014 accidentally got among the participants of the project “House-2”. Thanks to the remarkable temperament and perseverance, soon she caught up to the leaders . Her whirlwind romance with a dark-skinned dancer Sam Seleznev became the center of the universal audience’s attention. In different parts of the country have pretty blonde appeared fans, who not only copied all his idol, but also tried to equal her in matters of the heart. When relationship girls with Sam Seleznev is over, and Dashko were outside the perimeter of the reality show, all in an instant changed.

      In 2014, she was sentenced to three years for fraud related to trade in building materials. Dashko has been in prison for half that time. Later in the Studio of “live” TV channel “Russia 1”, where she was once invited as chief participants, Anastasia openly talked about his life in the colony. Anastasia Dashko was first told about what happened in prison

      “The first fear is when you go to jail,” recalled Dashko. Is terribly scared, terribly hard. And in the colony, so all… a thousand women. Women are angry, angry, unsatisfied. Mostly drug addicts and murderers. Of course, there have been fights and scandals. Had to stand up for themselves. At first everyone wanted to stab me because I TV in the colony fell. Then I was accepted when I realized that to stand up for themselves I can.”

      Despite the fact that Dashko had to face a serious trial, she can still consider yourself a truly happy person. In difficult times, always supported her beloved man. The kickboxing Konstantin Kuleshov after the liberation of the beloved proposed to her. Playing a wedding, the lovers began a whole new life.



      Игры с законом: звезды, за плечами которых криминальное прошлое

      He became a movie star with two of his role in the television series “Real boys” in the movie “the Geographer globe propyl” was almost imperceptible. But the novice actor Alexander Kilin in a moment was on the first stranich various publications. Though he was presented as a brutal murderer and rapist. The Perm regional court sentenced a young man to 18 years of imprisonment with punishment serving in a colony of strict regime. Through investigation it was proven that he raped and killed 19-the summer student of the Higher school of Economics Lisa Zobnina.

      A terrible crime shocked the Perm. By the time it became known that Kilin beat his victim with a piece of concrete on the head and then strangled her. All the evidence pointed to the guilt of the actor, who has long denied guilt for the committed crime. Relatives of Alexander Kilin believed that he was brutally framed. In the talk show of Andrei Malakhov “Let them talk” his mother, Yelena Iosifovna tried to shield the son. In her opinion, Alexander was convicted unjustly – and in this case he was just a victim. Mother Kilin was seconded and girlfriend of actor – Anna Biryukova.

      “What would the options have not been considered, the fault of Sasha is excluded in any case. And there are my explanations and directly talking about the facts. He was always extremely well-mannered, intelligent, reliable and very kind young man that is madly respected, loved and appreciated by all colleagues, comrades, friends. To this day, they are the mountain and immensely worried.”

      The mother of the deceased girl still can’t get over it. In conversation with journalists the woman said that at the hearings Killeen was acting as if on stage. “At the meetings, which were attended by the jury – he was still restrained. And when they decide some legal issues without a jury – he staged a theatrical show. He shouted, throwing the replica, it was always some lunges. And he is constantly gesticulating, he grimaced and writhed. Like at the theater. Even if you consider yourself innocent, there must be some standards of decency. If he is so sober behaves, if he could control his emotions the night of the murder when he was drunk? The lack of internal culture kompensiruet some huge arrogance.”



      Игры с законом: звезды, за плечами которых криминальное прошлое

      Today Igor Petrenko is considered one of the most demanded actors of the Russian cinema. Glory, honor and respect just chase him on his way to a successful career. And it seems that the case of bygone days, associated with criminal youth, completely forgotten and become only a regrettable page in the biography of Igor Petrenko. At some point in the Network got a document, identified in a criminal case that was brought to the future star back in 1997.


      The testimony of Igor Petrovich Petrenko, a first-year student of the Higher theatre school named after Schepkin:
      “…We made a deal with Kisimova that will come to the apartment, where Avramenko, when there will be Egor. While Kizimov said “soak” Yegor, and Avramenko scare and will take with him a receipt that he has received the debt in full. But if Avramenko don’t agree, then kill him. Before going to the apartment, we have distributed among themselves roles. Kizimov was back to shoot Yegor, and I had to neutralize Avramenko, if he tries to interfere…”

      We are talking about premeditated murder of Yegor Lopatko, who owed the organizer and executor of a crime Alexander Kisimova 100 thousand rubles. For many then came as a shock that Igor Petrenko as an heir to an educated family (dad – Colonel hazmat mom is a translator of English language), surrounded from childhood with care and attention, brought up in the spirit of high morals man, becomes an accomplice to a terrible crime.

      At sentencing, the court took into account the fact that at that time, Igor Petrenko was a minor and has not previously violated the laws. After serving about a year in the Matrosskaya Tishina jail, he was released before trial. Still, to avoid serious consequences Igor Petrenko failed – the court sentenced him to eight years of imprisonment, having appointed conditional punishment with a probation term of three years.

      “We are not saints. I don’t want to remember my past mistakes to hurt my acting today,” says usually Igor Petrenko, when it comes to his criminal past.

      Vladimir Dolinsky

      Held in prison for four years

      Игры с законом: звезды, за плечами которых криминальное прошлое

      Famous actor Vladimir Dolinsky has an extraordinary sense of humor. With his characteristic wit, he even describes some episodes of his life, when he transgressed the law. For example, for foreign exchange transactions in 1973, already popular all over the country, the actor received five in prison.

      “I didn’t do it for the love of the dollar, — says Vladimir Dolinsky. — And just for the love of the ruble. Because for one dollar, I received five rubles! Money most importantly their number!”.

      The most humane court in the world of the actor’s sense of humor, apparently, not appreciated. On prison rations Dolinsky spent four years. Due to the request of his friends and colleagues, he’s got time off. After liberation, the Opera house was invited to work in “Lenkom”. According to the actor, mark Zakharov was long accustomed to it, for fear of seeing tattoos and fixes. Fortunately, this “good” for Vladimir Dolinsky was not found.



      Игры с законом: звезды, за плечами которых криминальное прошлое

      It seems that of all the representatives of the Russian police, Lena Perova big fan of inspectors of traffic police. With the former soloist of the “Lyceum” and the popular TV presenter of the relationship is not the best way. For example, March 20, 2013 it is my car rammed the Mercedes SUV. Lena was in a drunken state, apparently, this explains the violation. Justice of the peace of Moscow has deprived of its one and a half years driving. Singer a similar incident is not very upset.

      A year later, on March 28, DPS officers detained again Perov. Of course, a driver’s license she was not, and a medical examination showed that the girl was drunk. And this time Lena got off lightly and a fine of 30 thousand rubles. Everything that happened to her misfortune star explained personal and creative crisis. Now, according to her, she feels, of depression is gone. But Lena now goes to the metro.


      Was arrested, paid the fine

      Игры с законом: звезды, за плечами которых криминальное прошлое

      “Singing frogman” – Vitas (Vitaly Grachev), the owner of the famous falsetto in a number of law-abiding citizens is clearly not fit. In may 2013, got in an accident Vitas, using profanity, insulted the authorities, and inflicted a kick to the policeman. The behavior of well-known singer was recorded on video. Later, Vitas said that he regretted his actions and apologized to the police. The actor was forced to pay a fine of one hundred thousand rubles.

      However, “singing Ihtiandra” despite the incident with him the vicissitudes, the sin to complain of destiny. For example, in China, where he starred in the movie “Mulan”, created a fan club of admirers of his talent, numbering about a million people. And in Shanghai decided to immortalize the singer’s name. And without thinking, established in his honor a monument. By the way, it stands in one of the Central parks of the city. Completely naked bronze Vitas, created by the sculptor from Gunjou, sitting on a makeshift couch with the accordion and sings with abandon.

      Luke Safronov, Zatravkin

      Игры с законом: звезды, за плечами которых криминальное прошлое

      In March of this year, the famous pianist Luca Safronov, Zatravkin (son of the famous Russian artist) knocked down to death by car elderly woman who was crossing the road at a red light. As shown by medical examination, he was sober. This case served as “food” for some publications, were quick to make this story a real sensation. Talented and very humble person, what in real life is Luke Safronov, Zatravkin, was clearly not like the constant calls of TV and the attempts of journalists to call him a Frank conversation.

      But in an interview with “StarHit” the young man still told about their experiences and expressed the intention to somehow help the family of the deceased woman. Son of Nikas Safronov: “many times I wanted to end this life”

      “I feel guilty, – said the “StarHit” Luka Zatravkin. And ready to suffer for this all the necessary responsibility. I am also willing to help the relatives of this woman, I am very worried about what happened. I now is really very hard.”

      In April of this year, Luka Safonov-Zatravkin, winner of many international competitions, held a charity concert in Moscow music hall. By this action he wanted to help those that he cared about the downed elderly woman when she was alive.

      Konstantin Meladze

      Игры с законом: звезды, за плечами которых криминальное прошлое

      Popular producer and composer, who opened the Russian stage many bright names Konstantin Meladze has experienced in his life many bitter moments. On the evening of 27 December 2012 on the road Kyiv-Obukhiv he was hit by car a young woman – Anna Squeaked. From the received traumas she has died. A thorough investigation revealed that the actions of Konstantin Meladze was not criminal intent. Moreover, he tried to save the woman, he called the police.

      Relatives and friends of the producers noticed that the Kiev tragedy greatly affected his morale. For some time Konstantin Meladze kept to himself: he is deeply worried about the incident. Later in the show Julia Menshovoj “Alone with all” Konstantin told about his most difficult and dramatic page in destiny.

      “It’s impossible to describe with words or music. What I experienced in that moment, I do not remember. I had a feeling that I myself was shot down. In fact, for some time I was in a state of complete unconsciousness. Probably triggered some kind of protective thing in the body, that man is not crazy. After two or three weeks after that, as soon as I realized where I remembered that I should finish the music for the film Todorovski “Thaw”. I’m on all fours crawled into the Studio, somehow turned on the instrument and started writing music. And as often happens, it is the music I gradually pulled out.”


      Alexey Panin loves to play with the law in the “hide and seek”. In a famous crime detective, where he played a major role, his character really don’t stand on ceremony in the choice of means to achieve their goal. And here it is already absolutely not clear: whether unwittingly, whether for their own PR once famous actor becomes a human scandal and crime genre carries in his own life. Actions Alexei Panin reminiscent of a certain war with the law.

      June 2013, Tuapse – a drunken brawl in the hotel “Karavella”. In September – again scandal with Alexei Panin. For example, in the city of Vyazniki Vladimir region in a local restaurant, he hits the dishes, mirror and other items, something objectionable to him at that moment… And everywhere, where not only visit a violent and uncontrollable to the actor, he leaves his “mark”. The artist runs naked through the corridors of the hotel Belogorsk and smashes furniture in the room, then he is detained for disorderly conduct in a cafe of Blagoveshchensk. For their accommodation he got off with fines and threats that he will take criminal cases.

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