«Игра Престолов» станет музыкальным шоу

Choir, orchestra and unreal light show promise to the audience during a music concert,”Game of thrones“. To make the musicians will be under the direction of composer Ramin Javadi, who wrote the music for the eponymous HBO series.

This enchanting musical show Javadi has traveled to 28 cities in the United States of America and Canada. On the European tour. In a statement, the producers of the show says that this show has no analogue, and will be “a unique concert tour in music history”.
Ticket sale will start next Monday. Western media reported that the stage show will be a 360-degree, and the music will perform a live orchestra in the 80 musical instruments and choir Accompany music video will be shown on the LED screens, reminds the public of some special scenes of the series.

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