“Game of thrones”: what is known about the biggest Beatdown in the history of television

«Игры престолов»: что известно о самой грандиозной битве в истории телевидения The battle for the Iron Throne becomes more hot and bloody. 24 April in the USA started showing the sixth season of “Game of thrones”.

      «Игры престолов»: что известно о самой грандиозной битве в истории телевидения

      In the new series, viewers among other things waiting for the big battle in television history. Since it was decided to do without computer graphics, for both armies had to recruit almost the entire adult population of Northern Ireland. Gathering so many people and horses at the foot of the mountain is seismically unstable, the creators of the series David Benioff and Dan Weiss caused a terrible collapse. But even showered on the actors and the boulders did not stop a flight of fancy. Benioff and Weiss were ready to shed much blood on the screen and beyond, to give viewers “the best season of all that has already dropped.”

      Who’s next

      The finale of the fifth season left fans in a state of anxiety for the fate of beloved characters. The creators of “Game of thrones” has long made clear that the murder of the main actors does not bother them. “The situation in which the characters are killed left and right, does not relax neither the audience nor the actors, say Benioff and Weiss. But to maintain the suspense so terrible torment. We create a harmonious ensemble, and by the end of the season almost everyone goes under the knife. Characters already dead more than the living!”

      However, killing universal idol Jon snow, they’ve gone too far. The next ten months, British actor kit Harington could not go outside so no one asked whether it was true his character is dead. Recently this question was asked to him even Duchess Camilla, wife of Prince Charles of Wales. Keith the first time in a thousand said Yes, although did not specify how long Jon snow is going to stay dead. The series remembers the cases of resurrection of the characters, besides the whale was seen on the set of the sixth season in Northern Ireland. And he spent too much time for the person playing the dead body.

      «Игры престолов»: что известно о самой грандиозной битве в истории телевидения

      Thanks to “Game of thrones” kit gained more than I had hoped for. The shooting of the 29-year-old Briton struck up a romance with actress rose Leslie, who played his on-screen girlfriend, ygritte savage. Given that her character is already shot, it’s one of the few occasions in the history of the series, when love was indeed stronger than death. Was hanging in the balance and the fate of the most famous women in the series – Daenerys Targaryen performed by rising star of Hollywood Emilia Clarke.

      “On set I pulled producers over the sleeve and asked him to prepare me to death – admitted Emilia. But my character will still be staying, although for the salvation she will have to use all the tricks she has learned over five seasons”. And don’t forget that in the Arsenal and delicate woman, there are three huge fire-breathing dragon who consider her their mom!

      How to train your dragon

      Dragons – the subject of the tender passion by George R. R. Martin, author of the book epic “a Song of Ice and fire”, which is based on the series. His research in the field of aerodynamics of the flying lizards has done masters of computer special effects. Natural flake filming kids Daenerys portray the heads on the sticks, but they still remain one of the main articles of consumption. “The writer does not cost anything to settle the characters in luxury castles and dragons to give them – complain to the creators of the series. – And we need to clear it with accounting. Therefore, books

      Martin has long been considered not amenable to adaptation”. And it’s true. The budget of one episode is about $8 million, and the set scattered around the world. The capital of Westeros is in Croatian Dubrovnik, the southern part of the Kingdom recently moved from Morocco to Spain, the North is stretched between Ireland and Iceland.

      In addition to the cost, incredible number of actors and difficulties with geography before filming of the sixth season they were faced with another problem. George R. R. Martin don’t have time to finish the sixth book of the epic, on which was based the scenario. Upon learning that the novel will be released no earlier than 2017, Benioff and Weiss came up with the story. It can, and will differ from the version of Martin, but the writers promised not to skimp on a feature writer for the provocative scene, despite accusations of excessive naturalism of sex and violence.

      “We don’t want to engage in self-censorship, says the couple, which not without reason considers that the delicious impropriety of the series makes it so popular. – Westeros is a cruel place where horrible things happen. Get over it”.

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