Игра престолов: с чего начнется седьмой сезон

The final tenth series of the sixth season has seen a record number of viewers. Bloggers are already speculating about the new season.

It was planned that the “Game of thrones” will conclude this sixth season. An-no! At the beginning of the year the producers announced the continuation of the Saga for at least one season. It is known that there will be seven episodes.

And while the filmmakers are busy looking for new faces and murderous plot twists, fans will obsudit the finale of the sixth season. The final episode shown this week, set a new telerecord. Sunday night in America, it was watched by 8.9 million viewers.

How else will Dodge writers that outdo themselves?

1. First, in the seventh season will be to fight not only soldiers, but dragons… “Pets”, Daenerys, ready to incinerate entire cities, fly to Westeros. Targaryen joined forces with the Prince and Princess of the Iron Islands, received the ships and that will carry the army of unsullied in the Seven Kingdoms.

2. Sansa stark is organizing a conspiracy against his brother. What? It is quite probable development of events. Sansa is not the same meek little girl that obediently endured all the bullying over it.

The lords had recognized her brother’s bastard Jon snow the rightful ruler of the North. If she wants to remain in the shadows? After all, Peter Baelish has already offered her his hand and heart… with a desire to fight for the throne.

3. Olenna Tyrell, saddened by the death of grandchildren, intends to take revenge on Cersei. And has already begun to gather the strength to move to king’s landing.

4. It seems that in the clan Lannister, the brewing discord! Jaime Lannister returned to the Palace, surprised to see a sister on the Iron throne, it is possible that he will not forgive Cersei death of their son and decide that she purposely sent him away from the Palace to deal with the “high Sparrow” in its sole discretion.

5. Finally, Arya stark got the revenge, about which so dreamed. It seems that the share of the youngest daughter of the Starks has fallen more than all the tests! And she is broke… So no one will be surprised if the Iron throne she will submit to the new season.

But curiously, the “Game of thrones” may be the two finals. First invented by writers, while the second is George Martin, the author of a series of books.

Already for anybody not a secret that in seen now of the season from the books nothing left. The writer was so keen on participation in television shows and interviews that are simply not managed to finish the manuscript in time. The filmmakers had to invent plot twists… And I think the movie and book the story will continue to vary significantly.

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