«Игра престолов» стала причиной порноскандала

HBO has accused one of the porn sites to use the erotic scenes of the series without the knowledge of the creators.

The owners of the TV channel stated that the use of video and photos of actors from “Game of thrones” is not only legitimate, but also spoil their reputation.

“Bondage porn and art of the series is unacceptable. The producers and the lawyers review the materials and decide whether to block content,” says HBO’s official address.

Also the creators of the series assured that the interest of portelcom to “Game of thrones” appeared after the premiere of the sixth season, when administrators saw a connection between the drop in traffic to the website and release explicit scenes on television.

Meanwhile, representatives of the adult website said that the relationship is really the place to be: the last time at their online often receives requests to search for a video with characters from “Game of thrones”. Most frequently included names such as Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), Margery Tyrell (Natalie Dormer), Shae (Sibel, Kekilli).

The show’s sixth season began on 24 April of this year. In the fifth series, by the way, there’s a new character – the red priestess Kinvara played by an actress from the Moscow – Anya, Bukstein. Read more HERE.

Only the creators intend to film eight seasons. And they have no doubt of success. Viewers of “Game of thrones” is not boring, on the contrary, the rating pattern is growing. This is due to the interesting stories that go with the book of George Martin’s “a Song of ice and fire”, or explicit scenes is unknown.

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