“Game of thrones” officially was extended for another season!

«Игру престолов» официально продлили еще на сезон!

Sunday is the long awaited sequel to the popular series. Bad news: pet of the audience Jon snow in it is not raised. Good news: this season will not be the last, which means you can wait for new surprises…

April 24 HBO starts showing the 6th season of the famous fantasy Saga. The first series will be called “the Red woman”, and its content is: “Jon snow is dead. Daenerys meets with a strong man. Cersei again sees their daughter.”

Many fans of the series, not yet having to watch it, already asking the question: what next? Went even rumors that the series will end with the 8th season, and the total number of episodes of the last two seasons will be reduced and will be only 13… One of the producers of the series, David Benioff in conversation with journalists has added fuel to the fire.

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