Galkin told why Zadornov was worried about his family

Галкин рассказал, почему Задорнов переживал за свою семью Comedian and TV host explained the behavior of the satirist. Mikhail Zadornov tried to protect loved ones from unnecessary public attention. Maxim Galkin has asked of others with respect to his will.
Галкин рассказал, почему Задорнов переживал за свою семью

November 10 became known humorist Michael Zadornov. Family, colleagues and friends still can not accept the heavy loss. Relatives try to protect themselves from the scrutiny of the public. They understand that the cause of death of a famous person cause undue interest, but nevertheless trying as much as possible to speak frankly on this subject.

Today’s edition of “Let them talk” was dedicated to the memory of Mikhail Zadornov. As chief guest in the Studio appeared Maxim Galkin. Once famous humorist named him as his successor. The presenter explained why the well-known satirist tried to protect his family from public attention. Galkin said that before you go on a talk show, he consulted with those closest to the comedian. According to him, they asked him again to call to stop to discuss the details of death.

“He for decades had collected huge halls. With all the publicity managed to hide their lives from prying eyes. There are people who can afford to put their life or part of it organically. And now his family was under the scrutiny of the paparazzi. They are not ready, they are intelligent, peaceful people,” – said Galkin.

Also the host of “Let them talk” Dmitry Borisov decided to clarify, is it true the information that Zadornov refused to treat a serious illness. The comedian was strongly disagree with the fact that someone allowed themselves to spread such rumours. Maxim did not deny that throughout the battle with cancer Mikhail resorted to various methods, including complementary and alternative medicine. He especially emphasized that the satirist was looking for any way in order to be healed.

“He was treated here in Germany, doing all that is possible, – said Galkin. – He got lucky with relatives, this concern, of which he was surrounded, not everyone in the family is happening.”