Галкин, Гагарина и Лазарев трогательно поздравили поклонников с Новым годом Now, many stars are abroad, where they plan to spend a few days. However, over the holiday hassle the celebrity has not forgotten about his fans, and stated that 2018 was good for them, happy… In General, the best.
Галкин, Гагарина и Лазарев трогательно поздравили поклонников с Новым годом

New year is considered the most favourite holiday of Russians. Many stars have started preparations for the celebration until a few months ago. They decorated the tree and prepared gifts for the loved ones. Also singers and actors did not forget to congratulate their loyal fans, laying out numerous social media posts.

So, Maxim Galkin showed heartwarming scenes with children and Alla Pugacheva. He hastened to wish all of its fans love and health.

“Dear friends, happy new year 2018! We wish you happiness, love and peace in your families! Let this year will bring many an unexpected joy! Your Alla, Maxim, Lisa and Harry”, – has signed a frame humorist.

Pugacheva and Galkin decided to celebrate the holidays at home with my kids and loved ones. But Philip went on a journey in company with the heirs and family of Igor Nikolaev. The singer shared a photo from the plane. Star parents decided to make the kids a real gift and went with them to Disneyland.

Earlier Kirkorov has published a video featuring their children Alla-Victoria and Martin. The heirs of the artist fans congratulated father and wished them good dreams.

Anna Semenovich fans wished that their lives were always big and sincere love.

“May the New year bring us all many happy moments, pleasant meetings, and, of course, love. Let the dog will protect us from adversity and will give a lot of good,” wrote the singer.

Sergey Lazarev decided to please the fans in anticipation of the feast with his own compositions. A song called “New year” like many fans of the artist. In their opinion, the song perfectly captures the spirit of the holiday.

A little later, the singer completely made fans a Royal gift. He first showed the face of a three year old son, put up a touching picture with him.

Sergey Lazarev for the first time showed your child

“From the Lazarev family congratulations to all you happy new 2018. Let the year of the Dog will be successful. It’s time for me to show you Nikita, as it is quite large, and I’m so proud of him and love! I wish you all good, peace, health, let your family everything goes well”, – shared his emotions the artist.

Kristina Orbakaite hopes that all the sadness will last, and in 2018 and it, and trainees can expect only joy. The actress shared a candid picture on Instagram and wrote a touching congratulation.

“Let the New Year will bring us the fulfillment of our desires and the most daring ideas! And doubt and frustration will remain in the past. Happiness to all of you and your families,” wrote Aguilera.

Vlad Sokolovsky admitted that 2017 was one of the happiest in his life. The singer and his wife Rita Dakota recently became parents, and now all their thoughts are occupied with caring for his newborn daughter. The artist said that it intends to relax during the holidays, because in 2018 he has a lot of plans and creative ideas.

The main newsmaker of the year Olga Buzova celebrated the holiday together with friends and sister. Olga has promised fans that still must be happy. For an aspiring singer, the celebration is associated with unpleasant memories, because on December 30, she divorced with her husband Dmitry Tarasov.

“I don’t hurt anymore”: how did the lives of Olga Buzova after divorce

“It’s not tears, it’s just water, and I don’t hurt anymore. I promise to be happy next year. Keep me, my family, thank you that with me today. I want to congratulate all my friends and subscribers a happy new year 2018! Will start the year of the Dog, and they are the most dedicated and loyal animals. So I wish you all and only the true true friends. I promise I won’t cry today,” – said TV presenter.

But Yana Rudkovskaya chose to celebrate the new year in the family circle. Together with Evgeny Plushenko and sons producer wished the fans of the strength and pleasant experiences in 2018. Also a young lady spoke about their achievements in charity. With Elena Perminova, she managed to collect several hundred thousand dollars, which will go towards the treatment of seriously ill children.

Another young mother Polina Gagarina has decided to please fans of the family. She stressed that the main event of the year was the birth of her daughter MIA. The singer also thanked the wife of Dmitry Iskhakov for his understanding and care.

“Thanks to my family, to my family, my beloved mother and my team which sometimes goes with me fire, water and copper pipes. I know that with me is not easy, but I love you! I want the new year to give me more strength and discoveries in yourself and in the world. Surprise themselves with their own will power and go forward,” wrote Gagarina.

Throughout the festive night the stars shared touching photos from the Christmas holidays. So, Galina Yudashkin celebrate in the company of parents, husband and young son. Soon the young woman would again become a mother, and fans never tire of admiring how beautiful the heir to a fashion Empire in the period of pregnancy.

In the coming days for the stars to return from overseas travel and will once again delight fans of the colorful compositions and creative transformations.