Галкин не выдержал оскорблений Садальского The comedian decided to meet the actor. Stanislav Sadalsky remained dissatisfied with the new show Maxim Galkin on the First channel. It hurt spouse Alla Pugacheva, but because he remembered that for several years the artist doesn’t like his work.
Галкин не выдержал оскорблений Садальского

The fourth of February the premiere of the next show on the First channel with the participation of humorist Maxim Galkin in the role of facilitator. The idea of the project of celebrity be under the influence of hypnosis.Hypnology-the mentalist ISA Bagirov: “In personal relationships, hypnosis is not used»

However, not everyone was left in awe after watching. Actor Stanislav Sadalsky was quick to share his opinion of what he saw. He told followers that remained dissatisfied with the idea of the founders of the project.

“Too many Galkina on the Ground. “Star under hypnosis,” wrote the artist. – Sillier and sadder show hard to think! And sorry for the artists who are in any way trying to Shine. However, foolishly it turns out, the worst Maxim G.»

Apparently, the showman touched the word Sadalsky and he decided not to leave it unattended. He made a compilation of the statements of Stanislav. As it turned out, for several years, the artist expresses his dissatisfaction with the work of comedian.

“Dear subscribers! For many years my life closely followed the Honored artist of Russia Stanislav Y. Sadalsky. If you look through you’ll see only part of the conclusions to which he came in different years in the Ministry free from the Melpomene time. I always respected those acting work that I know. We never close not spoken. Once crossed on the set. I publications ten years ago I realized that I do not like him. But the actor continues. What do you think, in what the reason of such long-term persistence?”wrote Galkin.

Fans were quick to support the husband of Alla Pugacheva and expressed their assumptions about the harsh statements of a famous actor. Fans came to the conclusion that Sadalsky simply can not accept the success Galkin for his numerous projects on the First channel. “Most likely, jealous of the talent, to success and to your happy private life”, “don’t pay attention, too much honor! Be the above, you are a smart and talented! Health and new ideas”, “He hates everyone who is better than him. We love you and admire! Hatred is born, the disease is added. Take care of yourself for us!”wrote a follower.