Galkin confessed 6-year-old ballet dancer that does not always receive fees

Галкин признался 6-летнему балеруну, что не всегда получает гонорары

Stefan Otto only six, and he is already starring in films, the main role in the ballet and the love of the audience.

“Lord of the plies, the conqueror of Batman, the hope of Russian ballet, the best ballet dancer in history, the legendary and six-year-old Stefan Otto” – presented to the first participant of the new show “Better than ever” on the First channel Maxim Galkin.

Had no qualms to his camera lens, Stefan boldly took the stage.

“I danced at the Alexandrinsky theatre and the Music Hall stage” – then authoritatively told the boy.

“In this complex world ballet competition?” – I asked Maxim Galkin Stefan.

“No one schemes against like…” – remember the competitors the child-artist. And then danced. So much so that the whole room gasped. Gasped and the audience at screens of TVs. Six years, and have such data. Stefan pulled his leg, jumped up, spun.

And after Maxim Galkin showed how to do plie and stretch.

“There is work to do – admitted the boy’s mother, Julia. – Stefan has a very important quality, says his teacher, Ilya Kuznetsov – stage magnetism.”

Stefan on stage feels like a fish in water. He began acting in the series since 2.5 years. Mom on casting son dragged the fate she found it.

“I have friends in “Vkontakte” is the casting Director, she saw Stephen’s photo and adopted him in absentia, – said Julia Otto. – And then he was in base, he was invited to the shooting”.

Stefan easily remembers the role, he did a very clever boy. Learned to read by himself when he four years old was not. Six reads “Alice” McGee, a favorite book – “the Hobbit, or There and back again” by Tolkien. Decided to become a “circus, theatre, ballet and cinema,” he declares matter to all interested parties.

In ballet Stefan came a few years ago, and even got the lead role in a production of “the Nutcracker”. He acted on stage of the famous St. Petersburg theater – the Alexandrinsky and the Music Hall. Probably soon he will applaud the audience in the symphonic fairytale “Peter and the Wolf” at the Mariinsky theatre, where he will take on the role of reader.

In the show “the best” Maxim Galkin offered Stefan a piece of candy, he refused, he says, we, ballet, not, watchers watch. The boy’s mother confirmed – watch. Candy rely only on good behavior, and in the usual diet of no bread, chocolates and other sweets.

“Son loves fruit, especially apples, tells me: “I’m an Apple person,” says Otto.

For Stephen’s bad behavior is not punished, but asked to do something he doesn’t like. For example, to wash the litter tray.

“We have a house two dogs, two cats and two rats, always will be,” admitted the mom of a talented kid.

It is not known what the outcome of the project is “best” probably before the New year children will be invited to the gala concert. Stefan wants success and will surely follow the fate of the boy.