Galkin choose sovetuyu, which will approve Pugacheva

Галкин выберет соведующую, которую одобрит Пугачева

Artist looking for a girl for the role of co-leading the show “Maximmaxim”.

This spring on the First channel the premiere of the new own show Galkina “Maximmaxim”. Thanks to the project, the public visited the castle Maxim, and Alla Pugacheva, saw the singer in a most unexpected light in your own bathroom, the Galkina’s Batman in the show were such stars as Yulia Menshova, Dima Bilan, Ivan Urgant, Valery Meladze, and whether still will be!

October 1 “Maximmaxim” returned to the airwaves and became the leader of the time-slot in the ratings. In the new season Galkin promises a lot of surprises, one of which Maxim will tell this Saturday, October 8, in the issue devoted to teacher’s Day.

The fact that the artist decided to find a partner-a co-host. And it can be any girl regardless of profession. The main condition – the candidates should fascinate not only Maxim, but also Diva, that is when you select Galkin will consult with his wife.

“Looking for thoughts on the role of co-host. I wish the girl was with a sense of humor, bold shapes and does not irritate my wife. Samples, will host the program “Maximmaxim,” – said Galkin edition of Woman’s Day.

If you’ve always wanted to be on TV and not afraid of harsh assessments of Alla, go for it. Turn on First channel on Saturday at 22:40 and listen carefully to the conditions of competition.