Galkin came on the show “let’s get married!”

Галкин пришел на шоу «Давай поженимся!»

Famous parodist appeared in the Studio in the image of Nikita Dzhigurda to tell fans about his new show.

You can be sure, in family life Maxim Galkin continue to peace and quiet. With the Studio program “let’s get married!” parodist appeared not in order to find a replacement wife Alla Pugacheva.

Galkin came to show the way Nikita Dzhigurda, so as to acquaint with my new project which is starting soon on the First channel. Apparently, the new brainchild of popular entertainer will be associated with transformations and parodies.

Recall, to date, Maxim Galkin finally broke all relations and contractual obligations with another channel and ready to plunge into working on your own comic project.

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