Galkin called Buzova main hope parody

Галкин назвал Бузову главной надеждой пародистов The actor spoke about the difficulties of the profession. Maxim Galkin believes that in Russia there were comedians too, but worthy musicians who can portray, not so much. Among the talented people that deserve a good parody of it called Olga Buzova.

Maxim Galkin is considered one of the most popular comedians in the country. He leads multiple programs on the First channel, and besides, actively touring with their performances in Russia. During one of the last concerts the man decided to answer a few questions from fans. So, he spoke about the problems existing in the profession of the modern impressionist.

“Before, we, the artists, it was easier. When I arrived in 1994, it was not enough, and who to imitate – a lot. We could on one Leshchenko ten years to rake in the big bucks. And with nothing particularly to think of, because the artists in those days were bright! But now what? One hope for Olga Buzova. I swear, her form, and content. Vinokur is unlikely it will depict in physiological parameters, and I still can,” said the actor.

By the way, Galkin is not the first time celebrates the creative potential Buzova. So, after MUZ-TV, he dedicated to Olga a touching poem. During the ceremony, the star could not hold back tears, because she not won in the nomination “Breakthrough of the year”. However, Maxim with lines of poetry by the famous French author said that the aspiring artist is still to come.

Communicating with fans, the man remembered how once got in a very awkward situation, trying to parody Christina Aguilera.

“I parodied the Christina Aguilera, when she was not my daughter. With the song “May”, which involves dance and movement. During the execution of the guest rooms heard a crack. It’s pants burst from the waist directly to the causal space”, – said Galkin.

The only topic he refused to discuss the artist, was the feeling of Alla Pugacheva. Recall that a few weeks ago, the Diva herself said that is rapidly aging and experiencing health problems. Many questions were raised and her appearance at the polling station during the presidential election. According to fans, the star didn’t look good.

As reports “Sobesednik” Galkin did not answer questions about his wife. He noted that this is a very personal subject, and it concerns exclusively the members of their family. Then the man departed from the scene.