Galkin and Pugacheva was seriously damaged because of the hurricane

Галкин и Пугачева серьезно пострадали из-за урагана Part of the stellar pair in need of repair. Maxim Galkin told that the old tree fell on the fence. However, there were no casualties. Neighbors celebrities on the village Dirt by happy coincidence, was not injured.
Галкин и Пугачева серьезно пострадали из-за урагана

Last Saturday, residents of Moscow and Moscow region witnessed the severe storm and heavy rain in the afternoon. It was reported that there were injured and two people died in collapsed structures.

Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva were also victims of raging nature. They live in a castle in the Moscow Mud. The comedian posted the photo on their site has grown old tree that could not withstand a strong gust of wind and struck the fence. Fortunately, no one was hurt – the property of the neighbors too.

“I send home daily reports on elimination of consequences of hurricane. We have on site the storm knocked down a healthy two hundred year old tree, which crushed a wrought-iron fence and across the street lay down on the neighbor’s fence. Our AU pairs quickly and even removed their own restored forging. PS the Tree was not dangerous, pruning old branches held a week ago. The neighbor’s fence almost suffered the full brunt took our”, – said Galkin.
Галкин и Пугачева серьезно пострадали из-за урагана

The artist is now on tour. The comedian has to travel a lot for work, to ensure the family’s prosperity, although he would prefer to spend more time with his wife and children Lisa and Harry. The artist is not afraid of homework and are always ready to help on the farm.

When the couple moved into the castle, they were relieved that they are surrounded by beautiful scenery. Their house was one of the attractions which is visited by the people. Some even organize tours and bring people in special buses.

Spouses take an active part in village life. They try to do everything to improve the situation for local residents. Pugacheva and Galkin build a beach in the village of Dirt

“Alla is at the village meetings, and recently one of them promised that now we will have our own beach, with sand and water slides, – told “StarHit” Mary, a resident of the Mud. – The shore of the pond is overgrown, the bottom has never been cleaned, all hope for our Alla. There is nowhere to go, even in summer, so we are waiting to see how the celebration”.