Галкин и Харламов поскандалили из-за шоу «Звезды под гипнозом» The First channel responded to harsh criticism of resident Comedy Club. Garik Kharlamov, in no uncertain terms, expressed surprise about the new project “Stars under hypnosis”. What is immediately received from Maxim Galkin sarcastic reply.

New show of the First channel “Stars under hypnosis” was launched in the air in early February. Hypnology-the mentalist ISA Bagirov in the eyes of the audience in the hall and millions of TV audience enters into a trance of popular artists. In this state, the stars of show business that depict king Kong as Ivar Kalnynsh, crawling on the floor like a rock, like Askold Zapashny, it feels like Jack from the movie “Titanic” as Alexander Panayotov.

With the first release of the program has caused a lot of controversy. Despite the good rating, many viewers expressed doubt, declaring unequivocally: “the show is all faked and his eyes we do not believe these people are not under hypnosis, but simply playing a role.” First, shared his opinion of Stas Sadalsky, saying that “dumber and sadder show is difficult to come up with.”

Now the opinion was expressed by the resident of Comedy Club Garik Kharlamov. Comedian harshly criticized the show on his page in Instagram.

“I never comment and are not evaluated on other channels, and TNT too. Due to various reasons. Many colleagues, friends and acquaintances make content. Different gear can be treated differently. There was a good and frankly not successful, communicating and cult. The transmission of ephemeral and perennial Champions. The other day I saw something that doesn’t fit one definition at all. I don’t know how there was Maxim Galkin and all of the participants and how come that such a product generally appears on the screen ? Judging by the rating, under hypnosis not only stars, but also the audience of the country…

The man snapped his fingers and instantly introduced 5 people including glysine in the deepest hypnosis, causing them to show spider-man , and after 40 minutes of frantic > one of them allegedly didn’t remember anything. Well yoooooouuuuu…I understand , live, entertainment, etc., but this is just a mockery of common sense. What’s next ? The transfer of “Star tripping”? “Stars on the moon” , “Stars in captivity”, “Star poop”? I think the format of “Star something” has already exhausted itself. It is necessary to seek new horizons. Although that would be fine. Expect angry comments from defenders under hypnosis,” wrote Gary.

And the defenders had not long to wait. Resident Comedy Club said Maxim Galkin, host of the show “Stars under hypnosis” with his usual irony.

“I’m flattered by the attention of Garik, I did not want my new program to hurt his fragile mental state and to understate in front of him as a viewer that the high standard he was used to on their TV programs,” – said Galkin.

However, Maxim, abandoning sarcasm, still assured that everything that happens in the program is far from hypocrisy and the stars are really under hypnosis, no matter what anyone said. “We were prepared that the show will cause controversy, because many of the points look really incredible, but imagine, a miracle is a miracle, not staged,” — said Galkin in conversation with iife.ru.

After seeing the reaction of maxima, Garik decided to clarify what he meant. “I understand your anger over my comment about your new show, but notice, unlike you, I don’t go to the person and did not raise the issue of your mental organization. About the high ratings, I’m sincerely happy for you. This is an important part of our profession. I expressed my opinion about what they saw and, judging from the 5,000 comments under my post, my opinion is not unique. And judging by the latest ratings of Comedy Club, our audience did not go anywhere. Apparently, the hypnosis it does not work. I wish you all the best and all the best. You are a wonderful artist, and show no!” – posted by star in a humorous program.