Galina Yudashkin was off his diet

Галина Юдашкина сорвалась с диеты The daughter of fashion designer went to a cafe for a cake. In recent months, Galina Yudashkin enhanced lose weight after childbirth. Finally she could afford to relax and eat high-calorie meal.

      Galina Yudashkin admitted today that she moved away from strict diets. The daughter of a famous fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin actively dropping excess weight after childbirth and, apparently, it was a time when she can relax.

      Galina gave birth to first child three months ago. A boy named Anatoly, in honor of the famous grandfather of her husband, Peter Maksakova. After the birth of the baby, the young mother immediately began to worry about how to bring the weight back to normal and regain perfect figure. Yudashkin limit themselves in food and spent a lot of time in the gym. But now Galina is proud to show weight-loss results, which surpassed all expectations of her family.

      The girl has published on his page in Instagram photo from one of the Metropolitan cafe, which serves delicious desserts. She admitted that are not ready to hold himself in tight rein.

      “Today is the first day of anything is harmful, and we immediately went to where the most delicious “Napoleon”! Today it is possible,” wrote Galina in his microblog.

      “Wow! And before that, not even from “bad” food? There’s all sorts of pastries, Waiting for a photo of the cake”, “Napoleon, it really is the most delicious! Bon appetit, Galunic,” commented subscribers will Umaskini.

      Recall that in order to gain the coveted weight Galina worked hard. She told in a microblog about the hard training. The husband fully supported the pursuit of activities of his wife and made her company. The daughter of the famous couturier did not hesitate to perform exercises in the street. Galina did not hide the fact that during the pregnancy gained a couple of dozen extra pounds. She admitted that losing weight is not exactly easy. By the way, besides sports and diet the girl was doing special massages, which also helped her.

      Galina Yudashkin lose weight, along with her husband

      “So, I started my postpartum recovery. All I was told, eat what you want and then lose weight. As a result, gained twenty pounds in pregnancy. I didn’t think it would be so hard to drop… pre-pregnancy Weight – 43 kg. Start with functional training on air, a proper, balanced diet and special massage” – shared his plans Yudashkin with fans.

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