Galina Yudashkin teaches-month-old son to party

Галина Юдашкина приучает месячного сына к тусовкам The daughter of fashion designer explained the need for the appearance at events. Galina Yudashkin at the end of March became a mother for the second time, but already back in shape and enjoy running. She arrived at the party with your child.
Галина Юдашкина приучает месячного сына к тусовкам

March 31, the daughter of the famous couturier Valentin Yudashkin Galina became a mother for the second time. She gave her husband Peter Maksakova son. The eldest child was named after the grandfather of a man – a famous diplomat Anatoly Dobrynin. The youngest child got in tune with the name – Arkady.

The heirs Galina was born in the US, where they are still. Yudashkin led an active life before birth. Immediately after birth of the baby, the young woman quickly returned to the form. And recently, she appeared at a social event. She did not leave the child, and brought him along. Galina has published in the microblog: she was standing in the photo zones with a sidecar, in which slept the little Arkady.

“Thank you for the invitation to the opening of a new store, our Arkady with a young visitor and already hanging out!” – wrote Yudashkin on Instagram.
Галина Юдашкина приучает месячного сына к тусовкам

Followers were delighted with the fact that Galina is able to combine the care of babies and work. Moreover, many praised the daughter of a famous fashion designer for the beautiful shape and taste. “So slim! As if he did not give birth”, “you Look lovely! You umnichka! We are all different, someone to sit at home, someone in the presence of interesting work to do what you love!”, “Great! Dress. The jacket is very nice. You look lovely.” – wrote fans.

However, there were those who did not understand the desire Umaskini to go to various events, and also to take on such party baby. Some even questioned her talent as a designer. However, Galina explained why she, as art Director of the Fashion house, you must be in such places.

Галина Юдашкина приучает месячного сына к тусовкам“Believe me, you can not only sewing on a button! And events is our job, communication with people, with customers future or present! Not just to drink cocktails at the party,” the enlightened Yudashkin.

Not so long ago the mum of two has designed her own line of clothes for kids Valentin Yudashkin Kids. To participate in the show, she invited the heirs of famous names – Tatiana Navka, Jasmine, Philip Kirkorov, Alla Pugacheva. Little Lisa and Harry became models for the lookbook. Children of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin become stars gloss

“Both were completely fascinated by the process and not be distracted by games, self-indulgence, not capricious. True professionals! Shooting lasted three hours and was very rich, only had time to change. I didn’t even notice that the children had something to eat,” – said “StarHit” stylist Narek Sirekanyan.