Galina Yudashkin sent his son to an American kindergarten

Галина Юдашкина отдала сына в американский детский сад
The daughter of a famous fashion designer is preparing for the second birth.

Photo: Instagram

With each passing day it becomes harder and harder to Galina Yudashkina to cope with a grown son. Anatolia will soon turn two years old, he is full of energy and desire to learn this world. Galina, who is in her eighth month of pregnancy, on the contrary, I want to get plenty of rest. Because of this, the boy had to give in kindergarten.

Galina and son are now resting in Miami. They went to the USA in the beginning of the month. It is assumed that they will remain there until the birth Umaskini, which are scheduled for April-a month.

“I understand that son is not enough children’s communication — voiced Galina another reason why the boy went to kindergarten. — The rest of the kids crying, but this one ran off to play, did not even have time to say “Bye!”, I feel this guy has lots of friends. And I have a free few hours to myself.”

Language barrier the baby should arise. Since childhood, he is studying English along with Russian. Moreover, his father, Peter Maksakov, talking to a boy solely on the language of Shakespeare and Byron. Galina speaks Russian. Even Maksakov, Jr., teaches the Chinese language, for which he hired a teacher. They say that the way the boy are already preparing to continue the family business in the modeling business. And since this industry is certainly the future of China, “almost native” Chinese Anatolia certainly didn’t hurt.