Galina Yudashkin left Russia in the late stages of pregnancy

Галина Юдашкина покинула Россию на поздних сроках беременности
The daughter of the famous couturier told about the health problems.

Galina Yudashkin

Photo: @gyudashkina Instagram Galina Yudashkina

Galina Yudashkin recently flew to the States. The pregnant daughter of a Russian couturier is already being prepared for the second birth. Very soon in the family Galina will have another baby and, apparently, a happy event will happen again in America. Last time Yudashkin was given birth in hospital in new York, and some private clinic, she will choose this time are not yet known.

With her long transatlantic flights suffered the son Anatoly, born in April of 2016. “Surprisingly very good! Played in flight, did not cry and slept for two hours,” — said Galina on arrival. Later to join her and other family members: mother, who last time supported her daughter during childbirth, and her husband Peter Maksakov. The last time he flew to his beloved, a few days before the birth of first child.

Recently Galina has told about how hard it was leaking the first trimester of her second pregnancy. In contrast to the previous experience of carrying a baby, she had health problems and was tormented by a strong toxicosis. Probably why the first time Yudashkin secret that is in “interesting position”. About her pregnancy she said, already on the fifth month. By the way, the sex of the unborn child the pair opens. However, the relatives of Galina recently hinted that she is expecting a boy and will name it in honor of his grandfather.