Galina Yudashkin has shown his son new York

Галина Юдашкина показала сыну Нью-Йорк The heiress fashion designer and her husband Peter Maksakov made the first walk around new York with the baby, which was born less than a week ago. They were accompanied by grandma and grandpa of the boy Marina and Valentin Yudashkin.

      Галина Юдашкина показала сыну Нью-Йорк

      Last week Galina Yudashkin for the first time became a mother. In one of clinics of new York was born the firstborn son of the star couple. Spouse Galina Peter Maksakov was beside his wife in the hospital and supported her, leaving the house only at the time of birth of a boy.

      The birth went without problems, so just a couple days after the happy event the mother and her baby were discharged. The newborn was named in honor of Anatoly grandfather Peter Maksakova – Anatoly Dobrynin. Weekend spouse together with a child have already managed to take a walk along the Sunny city. In the photograph, which she also shared with her followers on Instagram, you can see stylish the stroller child and happy smiles of the parents Felts. In turn, the mother of Yudashkina Marina also showed a frame with the baby, which was signed: “With my dear and loved one, on a walk with my grandson!” Users of social networks actively congratulated the family of star plus and wrote compliments: “Beautiful young family! Good luck to you! Cool weather for the first walk”, “looking good! Now the three of us”, “Congratulations! As we all waited for. Finally!”.

      Earlier in American restaurants held a noisy celebration of the birth of an heir. The party was attended by grandparents, Anatoly and Marina Valentin Yudashkin, who arrived in the U.S. to support the daughter. But had fun for adults only: the baby had to leave with a babysitter.

      Galina is recovering after giving birth. Pregnancy stars passed easily, so even being in an interesting position, Yudashkin led an active lifestyle and often published. Enjoying the pregnancy and altered forms, the heiress of a famous fashion designer participated in photo shoots and in TV show “Pregnant” and continued to work in private indoor Cycling Studio.

      After a while Peter and Galina will return to Russia and plan to baptize the baby in the Church of Clement Pope of Rome in Moscow, where in 2014 they held their wedding. The couple plan an early age to teach Anatoly to work, so the boy grew up to be independent and skillful. The young mother believes that her husband will be very touching and a responsible dad.

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