Galina Yudashkin has destroyed the myth of the second birth

Галина Юдашкина разрушила миф о вторых родах
The daughter of Russian designer shared details of the birth of the youngest son.

Galina Yudashkin with her husband Peter Maklakovym and son Arkady

Photo: @gyudashkina Instagram Galina Yudashkina

There is a widespread belief that the second births are usually easier and faster than the first. Galina Yudashkin, who has recently become mother for the second time, was expecting the birth of another child her easily. But in reality, the daughter of a Russian couturier faced with problems. The birth of little Arcady was accompanied by strong emotion and feelings. Galina told that the second delivery was not as she expected. She was waiting for “fairytale” of the process, and faced with overcoming difficulties. Through the support of her husband and mother, she was able to treat everything that happens philosophically.

“Many questions arose, how was your second birth?! Not so rosy and fabulous as I thought it turned out longer than the first and more exciting! But all is quickly forgotten, this time I understood more suited to motherhood, trying to remember every moment and enjoy it!” — said Galina.

Anatoly, the eldest grandson of Valentine, was born in just six hours, but the birth of Arkady took more than 10 hours. Galina gave birth to a popular clinic in Florida, arrived in the States two months before the day “x”. The first time Yudashkin is going to live in America, and then return to Russia.

By the way, the recovery period after the delivery is at Galina’s not like the first time. Then, to start the process of losing weight she had to hire a personal trainer and nutritionist. Now, she’s just two weeks almost back to the previous form. She had to get rid of just five pounds.