Galina Yudashkin had fun on the first night after birth

Галина Юдашкина повеселилась на первой вечеринке после родов The daughter of a famous designer, recently gave birth to a son, returned to Moscow. On this occasion, a close friend Galina arranged a holiday, which was for a young mom a pleasant surprise. The girl was happy and thanked the friends for a nice surprise.

      Галина Юдашкина повеселилась на первой вечеринке после родов

      The daughter of a famous couturier in the beginning of April became a mother. Galina gave birth to the little Anatoly, who was named in honor of the grandparents of her husband. A few days ago the girl returned to Russia from the US, where the birth of your baby. “In the West, home is best!”, she wrote in his microblog. Close friends of Galina decided to surprise her with a new baby in the family and staged in honour of the party. Happy Yudashkin was pleasantly surprised.

      “My favorite surprised me, I did not expect! That’s how all Anatoliko meet in Moscow!”, — Galina has shared in Instagram.

      Галина Юдашкина повеселилась на первой вечеринке после родов

      The celebration took place in the Studio of one of her friends Galina in the center of Moscow. The room was decorated with balloons pale blue, pale yellow and white flowers. On the wall of Yudashkina friends hung a banner with the inscription: “Welcome to Moscow, Anatoly!”. As treats were cakes and curly cookie that friend of Galina has posted the word “Anatoly” on the table, draped in cloth of sky-blue. It was also a lot of decoration in the form of stars and lush bouquets of flowers. “It’s so nice when friends always remember about you. Love you very much” — and thanked the organizers of the cute girl party.

      Marina Yudashkin for the first time about her grandson: “the Boy is very well mannered and quiet”

      “As you have fun”, “Cool”, “well Done”, “return”, “Let the son will be successful in the future,” wrote comments subscribers the daughter of a famous fashion designer.

      By the way, Galina decided to slowly come into shape after childbirth. She’s going to walk for 20 minutes a day on the ellipse and then go to more power loads. While physicians do not allow a young mother to actively engage in sports.

      Recall, 25-year-old Galina Yudashkin became a mother for the first time. Being pregnant, she temporarily moved to new York. Galina was there from late January to early may. His decision to go to another country Yudashkin was called “the whim of a pregnant woman. The child was born in an American hospital. Births in the United States have become largely involuntary act: the doctors ordered a young mother to fly on the plane due to late period. The company was Galina’s husband, parents and friends. Before Anatoly was born, Galina led a regular life and a lot of walking. The girl also managed to acquire abroad clothes for your baby.

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