Галина Юдашкина тренирует четырехмесячного сына The daughter of a famous fashion designer went with a child and a husband in Miami. For the little Felts that trip to the ocean was the first. Parents teach the heir to swim. Galina Yudashkin said that he is not afraid of water.

      Galina Yudashkin and Peter Maksakov went to the USA to spend the first vacation with her son Anatoly on the ocean. The boy was born in April of this year. The young mother devotes herself to the upbringing of his son and shares bright shots with the heir in his microblog. Fans of Galina has managed to be considered fashionable resort outfits Felts, but the real sensation produced a photo of the kid in swimming trunks had fallen asleep on the breast of the mother.

      Yudashkin posing in a bright swimsuit that accentuates her figure postroynevshaya, and at the hands of Anatoly. Wife of Peter Maksakova in the caption to the picture explained that she was walking with her son to swim, and on the way he fell asleep. However, the boy already started to make the first success in swimming. “I wasn’t scared, just like an adult splashed on his hands,” said Galina.

      Members of the young moms said that she looks just fine. Yudashkin has collected all his courage to in such a short time after childbirth to regain a toned body.

      “In fact, very grateful to our coach, who motivated me during our training that I almost approached its dobermania weight”, – said the heiress of a famous fashion designer.

      Yudashkin start recovery after childbirth with functional training in the fresh air, while restricting your diet and not eating fatty and sweet. Below the skin is again elastic, the daughter of Valentin Yudashkin took a course of special massage. Even during the holidays in Miami every morning in the star family begins with Jogging. “At first it was very difficult because of the humidity and heat, even at 8:30 a.m. the temperature is 29 degrees, but every day the body adapts, and here we are looping through 8-9 kilometers,” – said a young mother, laying in the microblog photo in a sexy white top and denim mini-shorts.

      In Miami, Peter and Galina arrange a romantic date, while their son watches grandma Marina Yudashkin. Recently, they visited the Greek restaurant. However, to try all the dishes on the menu Umaskini failed. “At night do not love to eat, so I prefer white fish from the rocks and steamed vegetables,” explained Galina. Sometimes, however, the successor of the designer allows himself to violate the food and tasting local sweets. Galina Yudashkin was off his diet

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