Галина Юдашкина вышла в свет с новорожденным сыном
The daughter of a famous couturier will not part with Arkady, even at work.

Galina Yudashkin

Photo: Instagram

Galina Yudashkin, fly from Miami to new York,
decided not to part with a newborn son Arkady. Thus, your
the first flight of a baby made at the age of three and a half weeks. According to
the daughter of a famous couturier Valentin Yudashkin, her son was the youngest passenger
flights Miami-new York. Later, Galina was even more surprised subscribers
personal microblog and published a photo where posing together with the baby on
one of the social events. “Big thanks to the organizers for the invitation to
the opening of a new store, signed the Galina. Our Arkady
the youngest guest and already hanging out!”

Most fans reacted to this news positively,
but the Hayter. “The whole point of your life — parties, — he wrote
one of the sarcastic Internet users. — Disgusting, for sure.
don’t know how to sew”. Surprisingly, Yudashkin found the time
emotional strength to meet the mudslinger. “Believe me, I can, and not just a button
to sew! And events is our job, communication with people with customers future
or these! Not just to drink cocktails at a party — she was indignant.

Fans urged Yudashkin nerves and not
to respond to the attacks of the haters. “Galina, do not react to any nonsense you
nursing mother, not nervous. Everything is good and all, well done!
The other nanny will leave and go, but Your with You. It is Your job is Your
right, You’re a very organic, self-sufficient and well-mannered girl! And
haters in the block, all of whom don’t like, let them go by!” — they wrote.