Галина Юдашкина после родов вернулась в Россию
Close to the famous couturier took his second grandson from America.

Galina Yudashkin with my mother Marina, her husband Peter and children: Anatoly and Arkady

Photo: @gyudashkina Instagram Galina Yudashkina

Galina Yudashkin said that he returned finally to his native land. Daughter of world famous couturiers went abroad two months before the birth. In late March, she celebrated the completion of the family and only when the son — Arkady turned a month and a half, Galina returned to Russia.

Together with Galina in the United States lived with her mother. Marina Yudashkin, as well as the daughter, tired of the American way of life and were happy to return to her husband, friends and household. Wife couturier, among other things, breeds to backyard chickens and has a vegetable garden. “Here at home! As we have missed you!” — she writes in his microblog.

Not so long ago, Galina explained to the fans his decision to give birth in an American hospital. The main reason why Umaskini to deal with the Russian doctors were… bad weather in Moscow. She wanted to the son in the first months of their lives were enough vitamin D. And on the charges of Network users that, say, Galina went back to the son received dual citizenship, Yudashkin admitted that Arkady and without it would become an American citizen because his dad is Peter Maksakov resident of the United States. So, the claims of the subscribers have proved unfounded.

We will remind that Galina and Peter also has an older son, Anatoly, who in April of this year marked two years. The firstborn pair also appeared in America, however in another clinic. It is interesting that, according to the story Yudashkina, the second birth was longer and was not as smooth as the first.