Galina Volchek was called a possible successor

Галина Волчек назвала возможного преемника Now the artistic Director of “Sovremennik” recuperate in a sanatorium in Italy. Galina Volchek shared their guess as to who would head the theatre after she leaves this post.

      Галина Волчек назвала возможного преемника

      On the occasion of the anniversary of the theater, April 15 “Contemporary” has noted the 60-letie, Galina Volchek for the first time gave a Frank interview to Ksenia Sobchak, in which he spoke, who would like to see as his successor. She called the name of Valery Fokin, artistic Director of the Alexandrinsky theatre.

      “This year, Fokin celebrated the anniversary – it’s scary to think seventy years, but he continues to stay in tune with the “Contemporary” – shared Galina Volchek. – Next season he plans to release in the “contemporary” a new show. Here he would have I probably passed the baton. The last thing I want to after I leave the theatre, hung the padlock”.

      In December, Galina Volchek, will celebrate the 83 anniversary. According to colleagues of the artistic Director, she has lung problems. “Now Galina is in Italy, where it is resting in the sanatorium and improving health”, – said the “StarHit” in “contemporary”.

      “For me the post of chief Director or Manager does not mean anything – said “StarHit” Valery Fokin. – I have many years artistic Director of the theater of Alexandria, one of the best in the country and Europe. Under the direction of Galina Volchek I have been working for 15 years. It is important for me not the chair and the table, and the theatre is alive or dead, and as I work in it. This is the first. And secondly, we with Galina Borisovna on this topic yet”.

      Ksenia Sobchak Volchek asked the question about the rumors that go in the theater, supposedly the chair of artistic Director designate leading actress Chulpan Khamatova.

      “Chulpan not the Director… With all my incredible love for actress Khamatova — it is hardly possible, – said Ksenia Galina Volchek. – Besides, she now constantly splits in two — one half in her profession, the other in the social activities, to which I treat with great respect. But in order to run the theatre, to forget and abandon everything”.

      Interesting that Galina Volchek also became a Director in quite unexpected circumstances. “With me was another story. I already put “At the bottom”, and “Ordinary story”, and “Two for the seesaw”, when Oleg Efremov called me into his office and said, “Galya, everything. We can no longer take the place of the artist, you need the staffing to the Directors to transfer.” I cried so much! I thought: “my God, my all, I say goodbye to my profession.” Tabakov and we are at the dawn of the “Contemporary” was chosen by the Director. They gave him the briefcase, which contained all five of our papers, the seal, and forced to work. And you know, he was involved!” – said the Director in an interview for the magazine L’officiel.

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