Galina Volchek has replaced the grandmother of the twins Pugacheva and Galkin

Галина Волчек заменила бабушку близнецам Пугачевой и Галкина Lisa and Harry touching talk with a famous Director. Galina Volchek has visited its old friend Alla Pugacheva. Artistic Director of “Sovremennik” theatre enjoys spending time with young children Diva and her husband.

Singer Alla Pugacheva, which not so long ago began to conduct his own page on Instagram, shared with the subscribers touching of homemade photos and videos. The guest star of the family castle in the village of Dirt visited the famous theater Director Galina Volchek, which Alla Borisovna associate years of friendship.

Apparently, the children of the star couple love 83-year-old Galina Borisovna, the kids in the picture and cling to it. Harry and Lisa are no relatives grandparents, and artistic Director of “Sovremennik” copes with this role. She is an excellent teacher and knows how to communicate even with the smallest equal. For Harry and Lisa famous Director just “grandma Gale”.

“With his beloved grandmother Galya,” and signed photograph of Galina Volchek with the twins a Diva. With the great pleasure communicates with the heirs of Alla Pugacheva herself, and Galina Volchek. After touching the microblog singer appeared not less touching video depicting how the Lisa and Harry show genuine concern for his elderly guest. Realizing that Galina moves in an invalid carriage, which, incidentally, does not prevent her to lead an active life, Lisa gently asked Volchek what happened.

“You hurt your leg?” – gently asks the girl. “Sore, very sore,” answers the famous Director and actress. “Mother says that we should not smoke” – supports conversation sisters with guest Harry. “We did smoke? You said, and we don’t smoke,” says Galina.

Two small plot in the microblog Alla Pugacheva created a furor in the Network. Fans admire Harry and Lisa and I wish you many years Galina Borisovna.

“For children it is a historical photo! Grow up – will understand, now she’s just grandma”, “how lovely! And chat worthy. Most importantly – the children have compassion for others ‘ pain!”, “Very cute and sincere kids!”, “How much warmth and kindness emanating from this photo! Happiness to all of you, dear!”, “The grandmother will teach the mind to reason! Favorite Director, actress, woman,” “Health to you, awesome Galina!”, – reacted to the publication of the singer’s followers.

Recall that the Diva and her husband no longer hide children from journalists and the public almost immediately after the babies celebrated their second birthday. Up to this point star parents tried not to involve their children undivided attention.