Галину Ржаксенскую заподозрили в тайном замужестве Finalist of the third season of the show “the Bachelor” posted a microblog post is ambiguous. The girl thanked a loved one for their dreams and attempt to lift her spirits in a difficult situation, calling it the “hubby”.

      More recently, fans of the finalists of the third season of the show “the Bachelor” Galina Rzhaksinsky congratulating her on your engagement – chosen star of the TV show made her an offer hands and hearts in the sky, while on Board the plane. The girl without delay consented to become his wife and announced his intention to begin preparations for the wedding. Subscribers microblog Gali eagerly waited for news about the upcoming celebration, but today she gave them a reason to assume that it has already taken place. Fans of the spectacular brown-haired women came to the conclusion that Rzhaksinsky and her lover secretly gave each other vows of love and fidelity, and also signed the registry office. Provoked these conversations with herself, posting on Instagram a post with the words of gratitude to a loved one.

      Participant of the popular TV show said that was dropped in water cell phone, and then left without communication with the outside world and commemorative photographs taken of her on vacation. Currently Rzhaksinsky and her companion to rest in Portugal. Despite the fact that they are away from home, Evgeniy Gromov ( the name of the groom are the stars of the show – Approx. “StarHit”) nevertheless found an opportunity to solve the problem of favorite – he gave her a new phone. The unexpected end of this story is the hashtag #hubby picked up Galya.

      Needless to say, the excitement this publication among subscribers Rzhaksinsky. The girl in an instant, showered questions: “are You already married? Galia, what about wedding photos for members?”, “Tick, and you already got married? And how crazy beauty photo?”. Only after a while Rzhaksinsky assured fans that the celebration is yet to come, and while they loved enjoying a joint vacation in the whole rehearsal period.

      Fiance Galina Rzhaksinsky plagues her jealousy

      By the way, most recently, Gale has made it clear that the bride brings forth her jealousy. Young man requires a sweetheart always be available, and to ensure that the phone was charged. From time to time Rzhaksinsky spends time with friends in clubs or restaurants, and Eugene have to worry. To request a loved one to always be connected Galia with understanding, so keeps the word.

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