Galina Rzhaksinsky revealed the sex of the baby

Галина Ржаксенская раскрыла пол будущего ребенка Finalist of the show “the Bachelor” will soon become a mother. A young woman actively shared with fans details of pregnancy and my emotions. Using funny video businesswoman has said about what awaits the girl.

Galina Rzhaksinsky announced she was pregnant back in mid-June. But then the young woman did not mention the sex of the baby. She wanted to keep this information a secret from the fans. Now the finalist of the show “the Bachelor” said he is waiting for the girl.

Galina and her boyfriend shot a funny video that the expectant mother posted on Instagram. Businesswoman admits that they have already chosen a name for the heiress, but still want to keep it secret.

“We don’t care who will, we had not planned, not guessed and are pleased that it happened so quickly. Just going to have at least three kids. Children are a gift from God, so gender isn’t too important” – signed post Rzhaksinsky.

If it becomes clear that the lovers are expecting a girl. Fans rushed to congratulate the mother and wish the baby health. “What a cool video, I’m very happy for you”, “I Think the girl will be as beautiful as Mama,” “a Great way to announce the happy news. And you look just wonderful”, – shared his impressions of fans Rzhaksinsky.

Galina becoming a mother in October of this year. Despite the interesting position, a young woman leads an active lifestyle throughout the pregnancy. She not only travels with her lover, but is also engaged in various business projects.

Earlier Rzhaksinsky told me that is not going to linger long in the decree. A young woman a lot of plans, and she wants to build a career. In the first months to care for the baby Galina is with her mother.

The star of the show “the Bachelor” and her partner Evgeny Gromov was planning to get married this summer, but pregnancy is a magnificent celebration had to be postponed.

“We really wanted children, but thought they will be after the wedding. Because of the change of plans will not be upset still. However, to get married pregnant, I do not want” – has told Galina “StarHit”.

Now the young woman enjoys sharing details about the pregnancy. She reveals to fans his fears and little weaknesses, which she had found in the background of an interesting situation. Fans are sure that Galina and Eugene will be great parents and will surround her daughter with concern.