Галина Ржаксенская сообщила о том, как переносит беременность
The finalist of the popular project “the Bachelor” Galina Rzhaksinsky a few months will give birth to a child.

Галина Ржаксенская сообщила о том, как переносит беременность

In November 2016, Galina became the wife of her beloved Eugene. This summer the pair were going to get married, but plans changed when they learned about the interesting position of Galina.

The girl spoke with reporters and told how he feels.

“To be honest, yet everything goes on as usual. We never thought that so soon after the wedding we will have a child. It was a pleasant surprise! I’m glad it all turned out, with many couples a long time are unable to have children. While I’m still the same active. Of course, go on consultation to the doctor, he tells me that there are no contraindications, therefore, can maintain their way of life. I read a lot about pregnancy, I learned that the first three months is better to abandon the sport, from major loads. In the end, left only swimming. Now, when is the second trimester, you can engage, so I keep myself in shape. I survived, but only in the abdomen,” said the girl.

I think that Galina was right seriously taken to be expecting a baby, and tries to learn everything, what you can and can not be pregnant.

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