Galina Rzhaksinsky met with bread and salt future mother in law

Галина Ржаксенская встретила хлебом и солью будущую свекровь The finalist of “the Bachelor” saswati in all traditions. Galina Rzhaksinsky actively preparing for the upcoming wedding with her lover Eugene. Own matchmaking participant of the popular project called chic event.

      Галина Ржаксенская встретила хлебом и солью будущую свекровь

      Galina Rzhaksinsky, which became incredibly popular after his participation in the third season of the reality show “the Bachelor,” but failed to win the heart of Timur Batrutdinova, still found happiness. Galina Rzhaksinsky discovered a love secret

      Only in December last year, in your birthday Galina Rzhaksinsky declassified her beloved Eugenia, and in late June a young man was sasatel 30-year-old beauty all the rules, which prescribe the lovers of tradition. Yesterday evening, the finalist of “the Bachelor” posted on his microblog a picture of her in a beautiful gown and with bread and salt in her hands met at the threshold of the house dear guests. Galina Rzhaksinsky did not indicate who in addition to her, captured in the photo. But apparently, in the frame of her future mother-in-law, because, with great respect, decided to take the mother’s husband.

      “Do you think I had today? It was awesome and still ongoing”, – said Galina its subscribers under the photo, which she just glows with happiness.

      Answers followers Rzhaksinsky given a little. They were unanimous – Halyna matchmaking, and now she can safely call herself the bride and future wife of a loved one.

      “Congratulations to you! Great happiness and kids!”, “Happiness, strong love, take care of each other and appreciate”, “it’s nice when a family has traditions. Very happy for you,” “I remember my matchmaking. So exciting. Congratulations!”, – subscribers Galina Rzhaksinsky wish her only happiness with her beloved.

      Галина Ржаксенская встретила хлебом и солью будущую свекровь

      Recall, beloved Galina Eugene proposed to her in may about what the girl said in microblogging, posting a picture with an engagement ring on the ring finger of the left hand. And for the first time details about his chosen Rzhaksinsky told is “StarHit” at the beginning of winter last year.

      “Now my heart is really proprietary, I have a young man Eugene. I’m not the snow Queen, and can also fall in love. We are not so long together, so long as not engaged. Met I wonder. Somehow calling me a strange man and said, “Galina, Hello! My name is Eugene…” I liked the way he turned the conversation, and there was time, so we met it beautifully looked after, and now we are together,” said the finalist of the show “the Bachelor.”

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