Galina Rzhaksinsky looking for a way to save the marriage

Галина Ржаксенская ищет способ сохранить брак Finalist of “the Bachelor” shares his thoughts with fans. Galina Rzhaksinsky played a gorgeous wedding in November of last year. She is now happy with her choice and tries to do everything that the husband was also fascinated by it, as when they first met.

      The finalist of the third season of the popular show “the Bachelor” Galina Rzhaksinsky in November of last year I played a wedding with her partner Yevgeny Gromov. Girl happily married to a businessman. However, she believes that after marriage, don’t relax – she continues to do everything that the husband was also fascinated by it, as in the beginning of the relationship. A few thoughts she shared with fans.

      “The husband never ceased to pay attention to the wife, she needs to direct not only the outer beauty but internal! The hell it blank wrapper without the candy?! But this does not mean that if you have a candy wrapper that he did not need… you do,” says Rzhaksinsky.

      Also the finalist of “the Bachelor,” was asked what do people think about its members and asked them to Express their opinion on this subject. As it turned out, the majority fully agreed with the reasoning of Galina. Followers believe that marriage is not a reason to stop paying attention to your appearance. “Golden words! The beauty of it inside and outside. Men love not only with the eyes. Constructive and supportive dialogue has not been canceled”, “the Wrapper is usually thrown, but if candy special/collectible/rare, the wrapper cherish in the album. But if you are collecting a collection, then, is not the only and special among the special, All right, Check! In my opinion, a girl like you, combines all these qualities. Share with us how to be beautiful, smart, interesting, athletic, successful, well-rounded and positive? You a miracle” – shared his observations of the subscribers Rzhaksinsky.

      Now Galina and Eugene went on a trip to China. The girl admitted that loves this country, and therefore gladly agreed to travel with her husband. Finalist of the reality show enjoys the time she spends alone with her husband. It is proud of its second half, but the thunder, in turn, tries to do everything to Rzhaksinsky felt happy. They often travel around the world – immediately after the wedding the couple flew to Venice, where they spent their honeymoon. Elect Galina Rzhaksinsky gave her a dream wedding. PHOTO