Галина Ржаксенская зажгла на девичнике в Испании Ex-member of “the Bachelor” with her girlfriends had fun before the wedding. Galina Rzhaksinsky and her friends danced the night away to the hits of the 80’s. the Girls tried on the outfits of the era and became stars party hotel in Ibiza.

      Галина Ржаксенская зажгла на девичнике в Испании

      Finalist of the third season of the show “the Bachelor” Galina Rzhaksinsky spent the weekend in the company of friends in Ibiza. On this island the girls lit at the party in 80s style in honor of the upcoming marriage of a friend Svetlana. Rzhaksinsky shared in the microblog photos with a bachelorette party.

      Fly to Ibiza first all women’s company went to sunbathe by the pool and enjoy delicious refreshments prepared in the local bar. Fans of Galina appreciated her bright pink swimsuit, which effectively looked at the slender figure of the girl and emphasized her tan.

      In the evening, the girls went to the club where the party took place in the 80s. the Participants of the event were dressed in bright skirts and tops, and at the entrance to the party they were given the attributes of the time: a huge rubber tape and a big cell phone. The bachelorette party took place under the slogan “Forever young”. According to Galina, all of September promises to be quite eventful: she has to attend two weddings, flying to Bali in the framework of the retreat and to go with parents to Georgia.

      By the way, recently fans Rzhaksinsky suspected the girl that she secretly got married to her beloved Eugene Gromov. Subscribers of the microblogging found that the couple legalized their relationship after one of the joint Genis photos and Gali appeared the hashtag #hubby. All the familiar Rzhaksinsky know that she is preparing to get married and even managed to meet my future mother-in-law. Girl happy with her lover, despite the fact that sometimes a young person is too controlling her, wondering where and who she is. Fiance Galina Rzhaksinsky plagues her jealousy

      Recall that about their relationship became known in the winter of last year. “Now my heart is really proprietary, I have a young man Eugene. I’m not the snow Queen, and can also fall in love. We are not so long together, so long as not engaged. Met I wonder. Somehow calling me a strange man and said, “Galina, Hello! My name is Eugene…” I liked the way he turned the conversation, and there was time, so we met it beautifully looked after, and now we’re together,” said Galina “StarHit”.

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