Galina Rzhaksinsky getting married

Галина Ржаксенская выходит замуж Finalist of the third season of the show “the Bachelor” showed the engagement ring. Friends and fans rush to congratulate a girl with that event in her life. Galina Rzhaksinsky had gone on holiday together with her partner Eugene.

      Галина Ржаксенская выходит замуж

      Participant of the third season of the romantic reality TV show “the Bachelor” Galina Rzhaksinsky a year ago fought for the heart of Timur Batrutdinova and became a finalist of the project. But the famous showman, gave preference to the other girl. However, Rzhaksinsky were able to find happiness in your personal life and in the end of last year introduced his beloved. Apparently, Eugene was able to win the heart of Galina – today the girl has published in the microblog engagement ring on the ring finger.

      In the pictures, all the fans get a good look at gifted jewelry. Rzhaksinsky did not leave any comments to the picture, modestly accompanied by the hashtag “not necessary” and “right left”. Fans were happy for the finalist of the third season of “the Bachelor” and began to congratulate Galina.

      “Here it is the long-awaited ring and not the camera, and not for show!”, “Congratulations. Be happy, loved. I wish you understanding, let every day bring you only joy, kids”, “our Sun, I’m so happy for you. Unlimited happiness to you, and so avoided any adversity your family party”, – glad followers.

      Галина Ржаксенская выходит замуж

      But some have noticed that luxury ring adorns left hand Rzhaksinsky, while engagement jewelry are usually worn on the right. This moment confused attentive followers of Galina. “The engagement ring is worn also on the right hand, and even then many continue to wear two rings after the wedding,” said one of podeschi. Galina explained why wearing jewelry on his right hand. “Just right less I have, flies. Everything will be on the right,” commented the girl.

      Apparently, now Galina and Eugene had gone on holiday. Apparently, it was during a romantic trip, he made Rzhaksinsky offer.

      Rzhaksinsky told “Tahitu” what an unusual way the chosen one drew attention to themselves. Galina Rzhaksinsky: “We Batrutdinova could not understand the relations”. “Met interesting. Somehow calling me a strange man and said, “Galina, Hello! My name is Eugene…” I liked the way he turned the conversation, and there was time, so we met it beautifully looked after, and now we are together,” said the finalist of show “the Bachelor.”

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