Галина Ржаксенская улетела в Таиланд, оставив в России двухмесячную дочь 31-year-old star of the reality show “the Bachelor” gave the child’s grandmother, and she left on vacation. Galina Rzhaksinsky, who fought first for the heart of Batrutdinova, together with her husband Evgeny Gromov was decided to arrange a romantic week. Members of a young mother, meanwhile, resent, they resent the honorable thing to do negligent mother.

In mid-October, the former contestant of “the Bachelor,” Galina Rzhaksinsky gave birth to a daughter – Elizabeth.

Throughout pregnancy, a lady actively shared with subscribers the news in fact a new life. And after birth, Galina admitted that is not how it is at all possible – even a couple of hours to leave newborn daughter without her mother’s attention and care.

However, a few days ago Rzhaksinsky and her husband Eugene Gromov decided nevertheless to fly to a warm country, leaving baby Lisa’s grandmother. Yes, maybe they had good reason (Gal recently celebrated his birthday), but subscribers still shocked by the act of a young mother.

“My daughter 3.5 years, and I’m still not ready to leave her. But this, of course, everyone’s business”, “My Gal really like it, but I wouldn’t be able to leave your baby. Psychologically, I wouldn’t rest all the time would think as he is there”, “I Personally have been very difficult months to 4, the baby had terrible colic, he cried around the clock, and I wept too. What is it? Yes to the fact that in that period I just wanted to be alone, to hide, to get my thoughts in order. Would I leave for a week baby? No, but do not blame anyone,” – he began to write Rzhaksinsky followers on her page in Instagram.

Galina, in turn, did not remain silent and responded to the spiteful critics and the moderate critics. According to the ex-contestants of the show, the baby won’t notice the lack of mom nearby. The girl looked after by several people.

“Yesterday my husband read your message. Thank you for your kind words and for the rest g***. We’re sorry that so many narrow-minded people. The last time I communicate on this theme: stop writing in private messages. Attention! 7 days nothing will happen with our baby, we won’t miss anything. I can just go to the store, and the first time she rolls over. Or say: “Daddy!” Stop the nonsense, what I miss… sitting With her the coolest grandma, and grandma is coming the other grandma. Also have an assistant, your child’s doctor. Our pediatrician on call 24 hours! So, for understanding, we are experiencing or not,” – said Galina Hayter.

Rzhaksinsky noted that left their newborn daughter breast milk, which is stored in special conditions. Caring grandmother Elizabeth fed strictly by the clock. “Milk is given in special bottles that have the nipple simulates the breast,” – said Galina.

Beginning instname said that certainly will give birth to two more kids, which in future is sure to be travelling in warm countries.