Galina Rzhaksinsky designed room with little Royal chic

Галина Ржаксенская оформила комнату малышки с королевским шиком A young mother has boasted a bedroom of his newborn daughter. Finalist of the show “the Bachelor” Galina Rzhaksinsky and her husband Eugene Gromov has created for his little heiress to the conditions that are the envy of the Princess.

Two weeks ago, finalist of the show “the Bachelor” Galina Rzhaksinsky gave her husband Yevgeny Gromov first child – their daughter Elizabeth.

Happy father ordered to be discharged beloved wife from the hospital a few dozen luxury balloons. They so impressed the young mother that she still continues to enjoy their beauty. Now balloons were the main decoration of the nursery the baby Elizabeth, which look very organic. They really complement the gorgeous crib with lace canopy, turning seemingly ordinary room into a Royal bedchamber. The interior of this room is dominated, as befits a maiden, rose, powdery, peach and gold tones. In recognition of Galina Rzhaksinsky, this elegant style elevates her mood.

“The mood is still festive, because the house is such a beauty. At discharge there was a lot of balls and wanted to release them into the sky. How can such beauty to let go. I had the balls to raspahnut the cars we bring. How can mommy say no. And so we live for two weeks,” – said in a microblog Galina Rzhaksinsky.

Fans of the finalists of “the Bachelor” was delighted by what he saw. They compared the room of the newborn Elizabeth to the chambers of the Princess.

“May your Princess of such beauty and happiness of a lifetime”, “Bedroom Princess”, “the Cradle perfect for a Princess! Fabulous looks. You have a beautiful interior especially!”, “Queen Elizabeth in her chambers,” the discuss Rzhaksinsky in the microblogging users “Instagram”.

We will remind, Galina Rzhaksinsky first became a mother on October 15. The girl was born healthy. Baby at birth weighed 2 kilograms of 920 grams, growth – 51 centimetre. The happy parents named her daughter Lisa. The doctors of the clinical hospital “Lapino” did everything to make childbirth a young woman passed with no problems, so just three days after the baby into the light, happy mother with her daughter were able to go home.

Earlier Rzhaksinsky told me that is not going to linger long in the decree. She has a lot of plans, and she wants to build a career. Galina is helping to care for the baby her mom.