Galina Rzhaksinsky criticized the participants of the new “Bachelor”

Галина Ржаксенская раскритиковала участниц нового «Холостяка» The finalist of the third season of the popular show condemned the girls ‘ behaviour. Galina Rzhaksinsky gave his assessment of everything happening on a reality show. She doesn’t understand why Alex is still not decided who of the candidates he likes more than others.

      Галина Ржаксенская раскритиковала участниц нового «Холостяка»

      In early March, 25 girls went to conquer the heart of another “Bachelor” in the reality show on channel TNT. This time the main character, whose attention is sought to attract two dozen beauties, has become a popular actor, Director and musician Alexei Vorobyov. But only 16 girls went to Thailand, where broke out between them a real fight. Now a multi-million audience, with bated breath, watching the development of events in the show.

      The first intrigue of the show “the Bachelor-4”: what’s left overs

      However, the finalist of the third season of the popular show Galina Rzhaksinsky criticized girls who take part in the current season. In her opinion, those who came to fight for the heart of Timur Batrutdinova, were much more modest.

      “I think this season it is much more difficult, as it is easier Batre was or maybe we are not as beautiful the girls were. It starts too quickly. Something favorites no, I had already the second time I went on a date,” he pronounced its verdict Rzhaksinsky.

      Fans of the finalists of last season supported the opinion of Galina. “Here am I, looking, I thought that very fast things are going, you’re Dating yourself, nothing like this has allowed what they did yesterday”, “all Gal told exactly to the point!” – agreed with her fans girl.

      Galina also did not understand why Alex decides to which of the girls should leave the project, even without calling them out. “I feel sorry for Marguerite, her opinion about men and women I share, if he liked her, he wouldn’t have sent her, and tried to reveal. Just not her man, and she’s not his. Sparrows still that macho, I think it will be even worse. By the way, girl crying constantly because of each other, you just don’t understand how hard it is out there: 24 shooting, without family and friends, and get used to each very, very,” said Rzhaksinsky.

      I must say that Alexey Vorobev has repeatedly stated that he came to the project in order to find your true love. He tries to pay attention to each girl, to understand who fits his idea of the ideal beloved. The musician perceives reality show not as a game but as real life. He says that he agreed to participate only to find a bride. That is why the sparrows are not afraid to break the rules of the project.

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