Galina Rzhaksinsky baptized daughter

Галина Ржаксенская крестила дочь A young woman posted the first picture of the girl. Galina Rzhaksinsky noted that this is one of the happiest and important days in her life. Fans immediately began to congratulate the star and argue on who is the similar baby.

Finalist of the show “the Bachelor” Galina Rzhaksinsky became a mother only six weeks ago. Throughout pregnancy a young woman actively shared their impressions and feelings about the upcoming birth. After the baby into the light of newly minted parent repeatedly intrigued fans of showing baby back. Now she posted the first photo of the girl in full growth.

The picture shows little Elizabeth lies on the hands of the Pope, Galina supported her head.

“Today we baptized our baby. Grow up happy and healthy, my love,” wrote the beloved Rzhaksinsky Yevhen Gromov.

Fans rushed to congratulate the couple on such an important event. “Let the girl will be beautiful as mom. This is a very bright day, congratulations”, “how lovely! It’s real love,” “Gal, so happy for you. We immediately see that the Wife loves and you and daughter”, – shared his opinion of the fans Rzhaksinsky.

Subscribers began to speculate on who looks like a newborn. Most agreed that the girl inherited moms and dads. However, to judge the appearance of Elizabeth is still early. At least she thinks so Galina.

Not escaped the attention of fans and the fact that Rzhaksinsky almost regained slender figure. The young woman has already dropped a few pounds, but most importantly, she literally glows with happiness, and it shows in every photo.

After birth Rzhaksinsky said “StarHit” about how to respond to the emergence of the crumbs on the light. According to the young women, the event changed her life.

“When the baby put in my tummy, I cried – it is happiness. Jack was near me, although we have not discussed, he will be in the hospital or not, I wanted it to be solely his choice. I am very glad that he came to the perinatal center, and we patted newborn daughter at the same time,” shared Rzhaksinsky.

Now the finalist of show “the Bachelor” devotes all free time to spend with my daughter. But Galina is not going to stay in the decree. The young woman loves to work, so in the coming months, wants to return to his many projects.